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One Day Workshop: How to Talk Inspiringly About Anything – With Dave Rock

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A one day workshop for anyone who wants to access their innate capacities to talk authentically, compellingly and creatively in front of others. Suitable for performers, public speakers, teachers and all others, this workshop will share ways to communicating inspiringly, harness nervous energy, and access flow states for speech.  It will also be a lot of fun.


Saturday 11–5:30pm, Restore Health Centre, Dublin

This is not about superficial tricks to sound good. It’s about coming from the deepest place of inspiration inside.

Led by spoken word artist, storyteller and teacher Dave Rock, this workshop is suitable for all levels and interests. Participants will gain confidence, creativity, and clarity about how to hold an audience and transmit something truly valuable.

There are many misguided ideas about the rarity and difficulty of finding and holding onto inspiration, let alone transmitting it. Dave Rock has spent his whole life exploring ways to generate and cultivate inspirational states, and how to share them with others. The fact is, inspiration is a habit, and anyone can cultivate it. And being able to speak in a way that inspires is also a habit, requiring only that you be willing to develop states of mind, and access to flow, that make it completely natural for you.

Whether you are simply wanting to take your speaking/performing skills to the next level, or you are working with a particular goal, this workshop can help you get there.

“Dave Rock is uniquely talented in nurturing the well-springs of spoken word creativity in his students. He has a way of getting to the heart of things. His classes are joyful and spontaneous, whilst at the same time being highly structured and productive. Students leave feeling confident, inspired and illuminated.” Adrienne Murphy, Hotpress Journalist

Limited to 12 places, booking and deposit essential.
Email lifeispurecreativity@gmail.com
€100 euros\€75 euros concession.

daverockcreativity.comFacebook Event Page

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