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The full autumn 2014 issue is available as individual posts online here, but you can also flip through the virtual issue below. It’s also available within the Issuu app for mobile and tablets and available to download free for both Android and Apple operating systems.

Contents from the autumn issue


Autumn Vibes Nut butters, organic deliveries and exotic adventures. Positive, empowering and holistic workshops, events and products.

Positively Newsworthy Autumn’s inspiring stories and stats. Good news to uplift you.

Spirituality and the City It’s the little things. We ask six people about the little things that make them happy.

Astrology Space and stillness to speak your truth. Andrew Smith’s forecast for autumn.

Positive Attraction Commit to creation. Dee Wallace helps you create and live your ideal life.

Feng Shui The links between Feng Shui and Chinese medicine. Amanda Collins on the only branch of Chinese medicine that relates to your environment, not your body.

Meditation Make worry your friend, your mind is looking out for you. Sandy Newbigging helps us feel at ease, even in times of worry.

Positive Beauty Dressing for dates, choosing your true colours. Mary Berkery learning how to express ourselves as naturally as a flower.

Peter Tadd Relics of love, gemstones from the Buddha. Ancient gems, touring the world on a mission of love and peace.

Mooji Can you really be happy for no reason? Of course! We talk to Mooji about how to be happy.

Tantra What is Tantra? And where does it fit into your day? Dawn Cartwright introduces us to micro-tantra practices.

Juicy Gossip Freshly squeezed, expert tips from Erika Doolan. Juice right to get the nutrients your body is craving.

Positive Personality Tantra Maat on how you are absolutely essential.

Davie Philip Open source has a lot to offer. Looking at how open source works in everwhere from woodlands to web.

Samuel Bishop The great stuff happening between radical and mainstream in Ireland.

Natural Health Participating in your quest for health. Prescribe or participate? It takes your efforts to really feel the benefits of health decisions.

Fruitful Endeavours Growing fruit because it’s easy. Hans Wieland from the Organic Centre in Leitrim teaches us to grow our own.

Autumn Recipes Warm up with an immunity-boosting super-stew. Cornucopia Dublin have a recipe to get your gut health in gear for autumn and winter.

Short & Sweet 2-step success, chanting at home and freeing fears. Short, quick reads for all areas of improving your life.

Lars Muhl Rock, roll and the journey of a soul. Lars shares his journey.

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