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Winter Issue 2016: The Heart Asks Pleasure First

by Dawn Cartwright

Simple, beautiful moments of Tantra designed to open you to the extraordinary depths of the Tantric practice. Whether you’re just beginning, or you’ve been exploring Tantra for many years, you’ll find these moments bring intimacy in ways you might never have imagined. You’ll cultivate a steady sense of who you are, you’ll align with what is meaningful to you and you’ll experience a freedom to be and express as the person you truly are.

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By Dawn Cartwright

Every moment is an opportunity for a beautiful Tantra ritual, all it takes is a bit of planning and preparation and soon hearts will be soaring.

The Invitation
First, extend an invitation to practise Tantra to a friend or lover. Be prepared to describe Tantra so there’s a clear understanding of what will take place. What is Tantra for you? Explore your desires and expectations for the practice together. What would you like to receive from the practice session? What would your partner like to receive? Whether it is to learn more about Tantra, to create a loving connection, to meditate together using Tantra practices, to ignite your sexual fire or whatever, embrace it.

Boundaries & Emotional Connection
Once you know what you’d like to give, receive and explore in the practice, talk about physical and emotional boundaries. What kind of touch you are comfortable giving and receiving – and where on each of your bodies you feel comfortable giving and receiving touch? Are there limitations to how long you can sit in meditation? Are you okay with incense? What kind of music do you enjoy? Sharing boundaries makes it possible for us to meet authentically and helps us to be responsible for fulfilling our own needs and asking for what we want during the practice. Create a comfortable Tantra practice environment to support you and your boundaries. What kind of environment will create the perfect atmosphere for the practice the two of you have planned? Use your imagination. Prepare your body. Take a shower, brush your teeth, anoint your body with essential oils, dress in fabrics that are sensual and comfortable. Bring a gift, something simple like a flower, or chocolate, or music.

The Tantra Practice
Before your practice session, choose a practice you both feel familiar with, preferably something you’ve practised several times on your own. This will make it easier for each of you to fully engage in the practice without becoming distracted as you try to remember steps or techniques. A practice you may wish to explore is described below.

Heart-2-Heart Breathing
Sit together, facing one another. You’ll place your right hand on your partner’s heart and your partner places their right hand on your heart. You both place your left hand over your partner’s hand on your heart. Close your eyes. Breathe out from your heart into your partner’s heart, giving love. Breathe in from your partner’s heart into your own, receiving love. This practice creates a weaving between your hearts and expands the connection you share. Continue for 3-5 minutes. Bow to one another to complete the practice.

Integration & Following Up
Make sure there’s time at the end of your practice to share what you have discovered with one another. Then, take
some time alone to integrate and digest what you have experienced by going for a walk or meditating. Make a date to check in with one another sometime within 24 hours. Share anything that may have arisen during or after your practice session.
Throughout the experience, remember to enjoy the moment!

Dawn Cartwright is a Tantric visionary, sacred writer, world traveller, and innovator in bioenergetic Tantra fusion. Dawn will have the ‘Women’s Sacred Sexuality, The Red Tent’ workshop, in the Wicklow Mountains, April 20th-21th, 2017.


Dawn Cartwright is a Tantric visionary, sacred writer and innovator in bio-energetic Tantra fusion.

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