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Positive Life Presents Positive Nights: Four Weeks of Positivity!

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Hi Positive Nights Audience! We have four wonderful weeks planned filled with interesting and surprising guests bringing messages, music and love to our stage! We want to let you know in advance so get your planner and we hope to see you in at least one of the following nights:

January 12th

Abby Wynne & Spiritual Book publishing


Have you got a Spiritual or Self-development book you are looking to write and have it published? We will be talking to Abby Wynne, a two times Hay House published author, spiritual teacher and healer about the process she followed to have her books published with hay house. We will also explore the best way to promote your business online holistically and be your best self while you do it. Abby will also share her healing energy tips on keeping your vibration high and Following your passion.

Tickets are still available. Get them here!


January 26th, 2017

Paul Buggle and Vivienne Cardin in Conversation with Paul Congdon

Paul Bugglevivienne-image

On this night we will explore the world of a psychic. How do they communicate with spirit, what do they see, what event or experience happened in their lives that brought them to this level of understanding. How do they harness the energy into their own lives and how best we all can improve our individual connections to our spiritual selves.

Paul Buggle & Vivienne Cardin are both experienced in the world of spiritual guidance and intuitive readings and have both helped many souls find the right path in their lives.

You can book your tickets here.

February 10th, 2017

Special Heartsongs Event with John Bowker


This will be a special evening on Friday, 10th of February! We will have the founder of Earthsong himself; the entirely gentle and blessed man that is John Bowker, followed by a beautiful valentines special of heartsongs as we sing our hearts and our minds out together. Expect a lot of love in the room.


February 16th, 2017

Andrea Hayes & “My Life Goal Journals”

Andrea Hayes 2 image

Andrea is in demand as a motivational speaker on wellness, healing and personal growth. She is an Irish broadcaster and producer whose work includes TV3’s hugely successful series Animal A&EDublin Airport: Life Stories and Coming Home for Christmas.  Andrea’s bestselling book, Pain-Free Life: My Journey to Wellness, chronicles how journaling helped her to overcome her health challenges. Paul will be chatting with Andrea on this evening about her journey, her work as a hypnotherapist, helping others to set up goals and her upcoming journal where she guides you, with the help of a twelve-step strategy to help you identify your goals and create a better life for yourself.

You can book your tickets here!


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