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Summer Issue 2017 Short & Sweet: Animal Healing

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Short and sweet Trust Technique

By Orla Bass

James French is the founder of the Trust Technique, a simple technique derived from the understandings of Animal Communication and Reiki healing, that he and his partner Shelley teach to animal owners and rescue centres around the world. James’ dream is that all humans learn to treat animals with mindful regard, using trust rather than fear as their point of connection.

The Trust Technique recognises that animals and humans share feelings, and is based on the belief that through mindful interaction, anyone can learn the simple skill set to communicate with their animal and create a peaceful, confident and trustful relationship. James’ connection with animals began at an early age. He admits he was incredibly fortunate to have had a challenging childhood. His family experienced a lot of pain and upset. However, for James, this meant that he discovered a healing connection with the animals that surrounded him on the family farm. These animals were his lifeline, supporting him during those turbulent times. He now believes that the Trust Technique was first shown to him by the compassionate support of the animals through these childhood connections.

Our emotions impact theirs, and their behavioural issues can result from a lack of understanding of their needs. The Trust Technique is about teaching people to help their animal. For James, “you can’t just go and mend an animal. If you don’t change the environment, the animal will revert to its old behaviour.” They have a saying that “sensitivities never leave but they can be transformed.” Through mindful regard and unconditional love even the most troubled soul – animal or human – can find solace.


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