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‘Patterns, Placements and Potential’ by Rachelle Hicks

by Rachelle Hicks

Our resident astrology writer Rachelle Hicks wrote an enlightening article for our Autumn 2020 issue, on the symbolically predictive patterns that are set to shape our realities in the months ahead. Read it below!

Patterns, placements and potential

The power of Astrology

by Rachelle Hicks

I often refer to this phrase when describing astrology—

“Astrology is not concretely predictive. It is symbolically predictive.”

Astrology illuminates patterns. It reveals the deeper symbolism and interconnectedness of seemingly ordinary events. There is no placement or transit in astrology that is inherently good or bad. Any birth chart or astrological event is full of potential which can manifest in a myriad of ways. As we map our experience to these symbolic patterns, we can develop a renewed sense of personal authority. Astrology has the power to infuse within you a sense of being a co-creative participant in the dance of the Universe.

The overall theme for 2020 is about deconstructing systems of power— big corporations, organizations, governments, system-wide norms etc. This year has the flavour of calling out the integrity, or lack thereof, in these systems of control. It asks a heavy question, “Is this system supportive, helpful and honest?”

On a personal level, we might be investigating our own status quo systems and personal authority. It’s a good time to ask the questions:

Am I living with integrity?
Can I stand in my personal power without the need to control?

Am I being authentic in all I create and express?

Can I let go of expectations and trust with my heart?

Can I allow my softness to be my strength?

There is a regeneration of both societal and personal authority which has to happen for a new creation to be born. This is an important reflection as we prepare for the headline event on December 21, 2020. Not only is this the winter solstice, the day of final descent into darkness (Northern Hemisphere) before transitioning to more light, but this day marks the end of a 200 year Earth cycle and the start of a new 200 year Air cycle. The astro-term for this is a Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction at 0 degrees Aquarius. Jupiter and Saturn are our social planets. They govern our desires to grow, expand, and reach beyond the horizon (Jupiter), with an awareness of integrity, responsibility, and consequences (Saturn). Together they check and balance each other.

Also during this time we have Mars, our planet of action, vigor and spunk, in its home sign of Aries for a six month visit. Mars is smooth-like-butter in Aries. Since July, we may have felt a new whoosh of energy because Mars in Aries is so super clear, effective and energised. But this placement can also be prone to getting over-heated, impatient or burned out. Mars will be retrograding from September 9 – November 13, so we’ll have some time to assess how and where we use our energy. This contributes to the theme of personal integrity, as where we spend our energy is a reflection of who we are. Use your energy wisely.

Mercury retrograde dates are October 14 – November 3, mostly in the sign of Scorpio. Remember, Mercury Retrograde offers opportunities to practice new ways of listening, responding, and moving through your day. Usually these lessons require us to slow down a bit so that we can listen deeply to what Mercury has to say.

Each of the days and months left in this year are carriers of symbolically predictive patterns from the skies. It is our choice whether we tune in or not and accept the opportunities, possibilities and lessons which are ours for the taking!

Rachelle is a Dublin based Astrologer. She has studied with Blue Rose and is currently enrolled in the four year Professional Astrologer’s Program at Astrology University.


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