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Equanimity: Reclaiming Balance

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Equanimity: Reclaiming Balance by Understanding Your Inner Fearful Child

By Judith McAdam

Letting our inner fearful child steer our course is like navigating a ship amidst fog without any sat nav; it clouds judgment and transforms actions into mere reactions against perceived threats that, on some occasions, may be more imaginary than real. Such suppressed fears not only haunt us internally but reverberate through all aspects of our personal relationships and professional endeavours.

The result? Our fledgling manifestations falter before gaining momentum due to their shaky foundation based on self-doubt and fear. At the same time, our relationships endure strains because of miscommunication rooted in unresolved conflicts within.

Regaining equanimity in the throes of life’s challenges can often seem like navigating through a storm without a compass. At the heart of this tumultuous journey lies our inner fearful child–that part of us that harbors fears, insecurities, and past traumas. Observing and understanding this facet of our existence is crucial for reclaiming balance and peace. Accepting the positive and negative aspects of ourselves while knowing how to steer our ship out of troubled waters is not as hard as you might think, but it requires practice and tools in our toolbox to help us. Here are some tips to help you connect with your inner child and foster equanimity and balance:

Self Talk

Start by acknowledging the presence of your inner child. Put your hand on your heart and talk to yourself as if you were talking to a beautiful child whom you wanted to help. For example, when you are feeling anxious, and your internal chatter is off the charts. With your hand on your heart, acknowledge your inner child, saying, ‘It’s ok, I know you are anxious; what’s causing this? Tell me, I am minding you now, you are safe’. Repeat the words ‘you are safe’ often, as this helps you to create new habits about feeling safe and secure. Understanding yourself starts with recognition.

Journal your Thoughts with a Twist

In your journal, conduct a conversation with your inner child. Ask the child a question; for example, if you were having problems in your relationship, you could ask, ‘What is really bothering you? How do you really feel about this relationship? You can tell me’. Write the question down, then listen to your truth from deep within you and jot the response in your journal. Here, you will gain valuable insights into what is really going on deep inside you. With this information you can stop denying the fears of your inner child and begin to work with them and move forward.

Practice Meditative Visualisation

Meditative Visualisation emphasises being present in the moment without judgment-it’s perfect for observing your internal state and creating new neural pathways or habits in your brain. There are some lovely free meditative visualisations on my website for you to click into. These visualisations are designed to help you to tap into your inner child while creating new healthy habits of self love, confidence and security. Transformation happens with recognizing each problem as a hidden opportunity for growth. Understanding your inner fears offers relief and strength unparalleled, and by understanding them with compassion, you illuminate your path once shadowed by self-doubt and fear. It’s time to enjoy the journey of life instead of enduring it.

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