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Our Life as Druids – Spirituality as Nature Intended, By Eimear Burke & Howard Campbell

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Our Life as Druids

By Eimear Burke & Howard Campbell

druidry in Ireland

Spirituality as Nature Intended

As druids, our spirituality is interwoven through our daily lives. Our connection with nature is always present. In our home, we created a wild garden where the trees, plants, birds and insects live freely. This allows for the engagement of our spirits with theirs. Our own natures and relationships with each other are also part of this natural world.

We look to the landscape and seasons as a metaphor for how we live our lives. Following the wheel of the year brings us into harmony with this world and the otherworld.

Our joys, worries and pleasures and how they connect us are also part of the natural world, which we honour with our attention. The landscape and how our ancestors related to it are a source of fascination – earthworks and megaliths aligned to phases of the sun and moon.

To engage with all of the above we use our spiritual senses, intuition, imagination and ceremonies that connect us to the seasons and our ancestors. We also engage with the sciences and history to widen our understanding of ourselves and of the world around us.

The arts are a valuable way of communicating aspects of the natural world and ourselves which are otherwise difficult to articulate. Our ceremonies are followed by a ‘Night Court’, a space for the arts including poetry, storytelling, songs, and music. The Druid’s path enriches and nourishes all aspects of our life together.


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