Sneak Peek From Autumn 2017’s Spirituality & the City: ‘We Are Grateful For…’

Here is a sneak peek of our most recent Spirituality & the City series, where six people talk about the things that make them grateful. You can read the other four stories in the series by picking up a free copy of our Autumn 2017 issue from one of our wonderful stockists across Ireland. Alternatively, you can subscribe to the magazine and have the Autumn issue – as well as the next three magazines for the year ahead – delivered right to your door!

Sneak Peek From Autumn 2017’s Spirituality & the City: 'We Are Grateful For…'

Daizan Kaarlenkaski

Change is my true friend and teacher, and the very core of Life itself. When it appears, in any way it presents itself, from challenging to deeply satisfying and everything in between, what is your reaction? Change could involve the loss of a loved one, challenges in your own health, losing your career, getting married and having children, having to sacrifice your old self-centred ways, or being moved to an unknown situation that challenges your current way of being. When things make you very uncomfortable, when you feel like you have absolutely no control over the outcome of anything, will you shut down and distract yourself with something else? Or will you face this discomfort, hear it, feel it, deeply allow it, and grow in wisdom, compassion and truthfulness? Nothing in this life is guaranteed, and even the greatest difficulties can be used for the highest thing, for your own freedom.

Sneak Peek From Autumn 2017’s Spirituality & the City: 'We Are Grateful For…'

Halina Tsip

I was born in a beautiful country, Ukraine. Since I was very little, I always dreamed of moving to another country, and experiencing a different lifestyle. I remember my first trip to Poland with my mum, when I was very much astonished by how different life was, only 150 kilometres away from Ukraine. We moved to Ireland when I was sixteen. Back then, I only planned to take a one-year gap from medical college, and I decided to stay in Ireland. Now that I look back, I really appreciate the progressive experience I have gained in Ireland. In Dublin I became a multilingual, open minded and outgoing person.

I am also grateful in life because I have the most wonderful mother in the world. She is the most honest, genuine, and strong figure in my life, and no matter what, she is always there for me.

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