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Visionary Intuitive Healer – EXTENDED INTERVIEW – Winter ’08

by Patrick

As a special gift to our online readers, we’ve published the EXTENDED VERSION of our amazing interview with Inna Segal.  It was just too big to fit in the already jam-packed “Winter Issue” of our printed magazine!

Inna Segal is an internationally recognized healer, professional speaker, author and television host. She is the creator of Visionary Intuitive Healing® and her book, “The Secret Language of Your Body: The Essential Guide to Healing”. She offers people of all ages simple, effective processes to heal the emotional, mental and energetic causes of dis-ease in each part of their physical body. We caught up with her when she arrived home from Paris, where she has just launched the French edition of her best-selling book.

Patrick: So, Inna, tell us a bit about your healing, spiritual journey so far.

Inna: I’ve always had a sense that I was here for a big reason, to make a difference on a global scale, but it wasn’t until I got sick and no one else could heal me that I tuned in to my own Divine Healing Intelligence and healed my physical pain almost overnight that I discovered my real life’s work. (For the full story of Inna’s amazing recovery from serious health problems, visit www.innasegal.com)

Soon after, I discovered that I could also tune into other people and help them to heal. I believe that we’re all born with this intuitive ability and if people are guided, in the right way by the right person, they can also have these abilities open up and make a huge difference both in their own life and other people‘s lives.

It’s exciting to be able to do it, to be able to change people’s lives like that, but I’m also extremely practical and extremely grounded. I can be very sceptical about big claims that people make and always remind people that deep transformation takes time and even though I healed the physical pain in my body quickly the emotional, mental and energetic blockages took much longer to release.
My intention is to teach people a process of healing which is full, complete, works on all levels, mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and energetic and comes from the highest source of divine love.

Patrick: There are a lot of books about healing out there already. Why write this book, and why now?

Inna: I find that a lot of people get stuck on things that they’ve learned in the past, but they don’t realise that, vibrationally, the world is changing very rapidly. In the same way that technology has changed from vinyl records to tape cassettes to CDs and now MP3s, spiritual, emotional and vibrational energy is changing, which means that things that have worked really well 10 or 15 years ago don’t work as well anymore and can actually, at times, be dangerous, because something has changed in the world. I believe that we have to be intuitive to give ourselves the opportunity to tune in and become aware of the changes and the new wisdom which is coming. This does not mean that we should reject the Ancient wisdom, just marry the two.

Patrick: Have you any simple techniques to help people tune in to their bodies and their intuition?

Inna: This is from my book The Secret Language of Your Body and is similar to what I originally used to heal myself.

  1. Find a comfortable place to sit or lie down.
  2. Count backwards from 30 as you take deep breaths and allow your mind and body to relax.
  3. Focus on an area in your body that feels blocked or where you have pain.
  4. Breathe into the area for a few moments and then put your hands on that area.
  5. Ask your body, “Is there a message you want to give me?”
  6. Take a few deep breaths as you allow any messages to come to the surface.
  7. Write the messages down.
  8. Say: “I call on my Divine Healing Intelligence to help release all pain, blockages and density from this area.”
  9. Allow yourself to watch and feel, as dense energy leaves your body.
  10. Say: “I call on my Divine Healing Intelligence to infuse this area with healing energy. I command that all the immune mechanisms of my body be activated and my body now return to a state of perfect balance and health.”
  11. Breathe in continuously for a minute, allowing the energy to build.Imagine a gold light moving through your body and repairing it.
  12. When you feel lighter, gently bring your awareness back to usual and open your eyes, knowing that you have activated your own Divine Healing Intelligence.

Patrick: How can you tell the difference between your intuition and a regular thought?

Inna: Intuition is a much more physical experience inside the body. It’s not a mental experience. It’s not a thought. It’s more of an inspiration and it can often be unexpected. Also when we are not sure it can be repetitive.

Patrick: How can you tell the difference between your intuition and an emotion, such as a fear based on some past experience?

Inna: You can’t tell the difference until you release the fear or the emotion from the past because its going to cover up your intuition. For example when people tune into their physical body they will often feel something but it may not be what they want to feel so they will say, “I’m not feeling anything.” Which is how they cut off their intuition and their communication. Instead, people can ask their body questions like, “Is this feeling mine? Where does it come from? Can I release it?”. Then once they’ve asked, they can wait and you allow the answers to come.

Intuition can come from many different sources in many ways. It can come from you just receiving a message, or it can come from your asking specific, clear questions. The answers can also come from the universal intelligence or other people but you have to be patient and open enough to listen and to recognise the answers when they come. Not to go, “Okay, I need it this second,” and if its not here then, think that it doesn‘t work.

Patrick: What’s the benefit of going to a practitioner such as yourself for help with a healing?

Inna: It has to do with experience. If you’re connecting to a higher source, you need to be extremely clear about what it is because there are so many energies out there now. I can tune in and tell you what’s going on in your mental, emotional, physical, spiritual levels at any point, and I ask for information about a person from their Higher Soul because it is a clear and pure source of information.

Patrick: How does reading your book compare with attending your workshops?

Inna: In my workshops, I teach a few things that are not in the book and afterwards when people use the book, they know exactly what to do and it means more to them on a deeper level. An experience is different than just reading a book.

In order for us to heal completely, we have to look at every aspect of healing and we have to start from the beginning. In many workshops and teachings people have separated the different aspects of our being, the emotions, the mind, the physical body, energy and vibration. In fact, its all connected and its all one. So, what I wanted to do was to take all of these aspects and create something that works on every level.

I think that what I teach is extremely practical. It’s easy to use and it works on many different levels. With most of the processes you can do them anytime anywhere and nobody would know. Its basically a lifestyle change, with simple easy things that make such a huge difference that you go, “How did I live without it?” Your life becomes more intuitive. It’s not that you don’t have any challenges, but you know how to deal with them.

Patrick: Where does this healing energy come from?

Inna: The easiest answer is that for me it comes from the divine source, but it’s not something that I can quantify and make you hold in your hand at this point. What I say to people is that it’s very important in terms of your spiritual evolution that you have an understanding of the different levels of where things come from. You can become aware of the different feelings associated with the various energies.

One of the biggest levels where people get their energy from is the Astral vibration, but, even though it can be strong, it’s not the highest energy and it’s not the most powerful and it can actually be extremely deceiving.

I believe there are two aspects to our soul. There’s the aspect of the soul which travels through many lives collecting karma and different information, and this is something we have to keep working through throughout of life. Then there’s an aspect of your soul which is completely pure and clear, from my understanding, and it’s connected to the divine source. I don’t believe that it’s something that actually needs a name upon it, but if we had to call it something, we’d call it God.

I feel like our soul has that purest awareness, purest intention, purest connection, so I call it the Highest Soul. People have called it the highest self, but to me it’s slightly different, because it’s still part of your soul, but it’s part of your soul that’s never left the Source, the Divine Connection, which means that it’s your purest channel to anything.

I might be tuning into the emotional body, or the physical, or the mental, or the etheric, but because there is perfection on the Higher Soul level, this is the best part to use to help us with healing. When we connect to the soul, our own vibration heightens, which means that we’re in an energy field which allows other people to heal.

Patrick: When you connect with that level, does it ever tell you that it’s already perfect and doesn’t need to be healed?

Inna: If the soul on that higher level says that they are perfect, it’s true that they are, and by connecting to that perfection, we can direct that pure healing energy to parts of the body that may not be perfect. Because there is an imprint of perfection in the soul, the physical body, the emotional body, it copies whatever is the strongest thing. So it starts to copy the soul and says, “Oh, there is a perfect imprint, let me heal.”

Patrick: What are some of your best habits for maintaining health and happiness?

Inna: In my book, I give 10 basic principles for healing.

  1. In order to heal, you need to commit to making your health a priority.
  2. Feel your emotions rather than keeping them buried.
  3. Breathe consciously.
  4. Eat healthily and consciously.
  5. Move your body.
  6. Listen to your body.
  7. Be creative.
  8. Add more colour to your life.
  9. Make gratitude your attitude.
  10. Make laughter a priority.


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