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The Movement of the Soul

by Patrick

krishnaBy Sharon Miller

After many years of trying various practices, one day I walked into a class in Rialto called Bio-Energy Meditation, a form of energy work that originated in the jungles of Bali from an extraordinary energy master: Ratu Bagus.
The practice focuses on releasing energy that is blocked in the body, in order to wake up the vital force “Chi”.  It involves focusing on various Mantras while shaking the body.  Once unleashed, the energy begins to clean the organs, strengthen the immune system, and calm the mind and the emotions.

During the practice, the energy sometimes felt like explosions of light in my body, or liquid fire moving through my organs and into my cells, vibrating and pulsating through every part of me.  I felt this “liquid fire” was literally burning away any negativity in my body.  After each class, I felt cleansed and rejuvenated, and after a few months, I started to feel radically different.

I could feel my heart was unfolding and opening.  I felt happiness and contentment in myself that was never there before.  Physically, I started to lose weight.  I had more vitality and zest for life.  Emotionally, I felt a peace inside and a calmness that is hard to describe.

I wanted more of this “energy” stuff.  I wanted to go deeper, so I packed my bags for Bali…

In Bali, the training intensified: 3 sessions a day, 3 hours a session.  By the 2nd week, I was exhausted.  I had blisters on my feet, and my body was covered in mosquito bites.  My muscles were aching from all the physical shaking, but underneath all of this, my desire to experience my soul was so strong it overcame all the pain.

Every session, I would call to my soul, like a baby calling to its mother in a completely vulnerable state, crying, demanding that she would come, show herself to me and take care of me in my quest to understand myself and grow.

By day eleven, the energy began to build a force of its own.  I was getting closer.  I could feel it.  Then it happened: day eleven – the evening shake.

I started to really focus on the mantra “Om Swastiastu Ratu Bagus.”  I felt a bolt of electricity surge through my body.  It jolted me upright like I had been hit by lightning.  I was filled with a feeling of exhilaration.  I opened my hands to welcome the energy and allow the divine to do its work.

A very fine vibration was shaking me at a very high intensity – it was shaking me.  It felt very sacred.  I knew all I had to do was to somehow catch the wave of this feeling and it would take me to where it wanted me to go.  I let myself go.

Suddenly I saw beams of light in front of me, like rocket launchers above my head.  I felt lightness and heard a voice saying, “Well, you did call me.  I’m here.”

I was looking at a symbol that was pure light.  It was the most exquisite thing I had ever experienced.  It lingered above me like a huge hologram, filling the entire space above my head.  I felt it was both in me and all around me.

New chakras that I didn’t even know existed were opening up and exploding inside of me, along with feelings of pure bliss beyond any other experience I have had on this planet.

This sacred GOD/LOVE frequency was showing me the perfection of the universe, and that nothing is chaotic and all is exactly as it should be.  Wave after wave of realisation was coming into my body.

The energy was spinning really fast all around me now; it had a complete momentum of its own.  I could see spirals of light all around my body – like wheels of light.  It was effortless; the energy was completely carrying me.  It felt like I had found my own axis and I was spinning on it.

I had been in this state for over an hour and it felt like just a few minutes.  I knew that the session time was going to be up soon and I made a conscious effort to ground myself.  Another flash came… This time, I saw a galaxy of stars, thousands of them.  I felt as though I was one of them.  It was so exquisitely perfect, I couldn’t help but cry; it was too much for my system to take in… Wave after wave of the purest love I’ve ever felt was gushing into my heart.  I experienced it as a deep sweetness and at the same time the most powerful force there is.  In one second, I was witness to how vast and how perfect the universe is, and how much LOVE there is waiting to be called into my life.

Eight years on, I am still 100% devoted to this practice.  My life has changed beyond measure in so many ways.  I feel truly blessed.

For more info, visit www.ratubagus.com

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