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Astrology – Winter 2010, BY Margaret Gray

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Exploring Your Sun Sign – Part 2

Gemini and Sagittarius, Cancer and Capricorn

By Margaret Gray MSW D. Psych. Astrology

“Meaning makes a great many things endurable
– perhaps everything”

Carl Jung

This article continues the exploration of the archetypal characteristics of the Sun signs in the Zodiac. If you missed Aries, Libra, Taurus and Scorpio, feel free to have a look at them online at

Writing this article whilst in Hawaii, I spent an afternoon at the Bishop Museum exploring the Hawaiian exhibits. In the main Hall, I noticed a sign that read: “Duality and Balance are fundamental Hawaiian life principles.” In a time when we are particularly challenged worldwide with maintaining economic, ecological and social balance, it reminded me of the value of recognising ourselves in the mirror opposite us. This is one of the gifts of exploring the Zodiac signs as a duality.

Sun in Gemini – ` The Twins. May 22nd – June 21st
Rules the Lungs, Arms and Hands
Planetary Ruler = Mercury (The Greek God Hermes)

Gemini is the first Air sign we encounter as we move developmentally around the Zodiac. Starting with the initial, fiery, creative spark of Aries, followed by the earthy manifesting ability of Taurus, we arrive at the third sign of the Zodiac, Gemini, which introduces us to the mental realm of ideas and communication.

Similar to the mythological twins, Castor and Polux, who could only remain together by agreeing to spend one day in the Underworld and one day in the Olympian Heavens, the Sun in Gemini, on an archetypal level, seeks to integrate the light and shadow within. Siblings are associated with this sign, often playing a major role throughout one’s life. The Sun in Gemini is associated with Hermes, the Roman God of travellers, merchants, magic, languages and athletes.

If the Sun in Gemini is unconscious, blocked or disowned, it can behave like the trickster side of Hermes, creating mischief through indulging in careless words and/or actions out of boredom. In finding and owning its own authority within, the Sun in Gemini can use its acute awareness of the interconnectedness of all, to act as a translator and bridge between worlds and ideas.

If your Sun is in Gemini, you are likely to benefit from providing your mind with ample stimulation through access to a wide variety of ideas and education. Communication on all levels nourishes your soul.


Sun in Sagittarius – f The Archer. Nov 23rd – Dec 22nd
Rules the Hips, Thighs, Liver and Gallbladder
Planetary Ruler = Jupiter (The Greek God Zeus)

Unlike many of the other oppositions, there is an easy, comfortable alliance between the Geminian realm of ideas and the Sagittarian, fiery search for enlightenment. However, similarly to Zeus who was the King of the heavens, the Sun in Sagittarius has a deep awareness that we belong with the Gods, albeit in human form. Hence, we are subject at all times to an internal morality which supersedes human laws, unlike Gemini who does not assign morality to the realm of ideas.

Archetypally, the Sun in Sagittarius is concerned with our human need to search for meaning in everything around us. Similarly to the Sun in Gemini, it blossoms with expansive learning and travel.

If the Sun in Sagittarius is unconscious, blocked or disowned, it can live a life of endless possibilities, like the Puer Aeternus, never grounding any of them in the concrete material world. In finding and owning its own authority, the Sun in Sagittarius learns how to engage with the complexities, and at times meaninglessness, of the human world, embracing responsibilities whilst retaining its innate freedom and expansiveness.

If your Sun is in Sagittarius, you are likely to need a lot of mental and physical freedom and space. Ensuring that you spend regular time in joyful situations, away from the mundane structures and restrictions of daily life, enables you to be at your most creative.

Integration of the Strengths from Both Signs

Together, these two signs create the philosopher and teacher, challenging our minds and hearts to expand in a joyful, meaningful manner for the betterment of humanity.

Sun in Cancer – a The Crab. June 21st – July 22nd
Rules the Chest and Breasts
Planetary Ruler = The Moon

Cancer, which is the second Water sign in the Zodiac belongs archetypally to the lunar realm of Mother, which is one of the core archetypes we are all born with. As with all the water signs, when the Sun is in Cancer, its light is required to shine underwater in a preverbal emotional medium, best expressed through the imagination.

The Sun in Cancer faces an intrinsic conflict between the need to manifest and shine its solar light through individuation and the regressive lunar pull to remain whole in the safe, familiar uterine waters of the womb. The Lunar cycles are of fundamental importance to the Sun in Cancer, creating a natural pattern of ebbing and flowing.

If the Sun in Cancer is unconscious, blocked or disowned, it can, like Thetis, the mother of Achilles, attempt to live out its creativity through a loved one, engaging its rich emotional nature in manipulation rather than nourishment. In finding and owning its own authority, the Sun in Cancer can be immensely creative and sensitive, with a finely honed ability to tune into and provide nourishment for its own emotions and those of loved ones.

If your Sun is in Cancer, you are likely to benefit from creating a sanctuary of inner safety, nurturing and security within yourself where you can retreat to on a regular basis. Spending time near the sea and listening to music is also likely to feed your soul.


Sun in Capricorn – g The Mountain Goat. Dec 22nd – Jan 20th
Rules the Bones, Knees and Nails
Planetary ruler = Saturn (The Greek God Cronos)

Standing opposite the watery feminine realms of Cancer, the earthy masculine sign of Capricorn requires us to inhabit the physical realm of incarnation and matter. Like the Roman God Cronos, who ruled the golden age on earth, the sun in Capricorn seeks at all times to abide by the laws of nature.

Archetypally, the sun in Capricorn is in search of its own inner authority and animus, which it can only find through diligent labour and self responsibility. The Sun in Capricorn usually manifests tenacity and unending endurance in the face of challenging tasks.

If the Sun in Capricorn is unconscious, blocked or disowned, its natural hesitancy can solidify into immovable thoughts and attitudes prompted by insecurity and fear of failure and chaos. In finding and owning its own authority, the Sun in Capricorn, like Cronos, can provide wise, balanced and just leadership.

The Sun in Capricorn benefits from setting and achieving goals as well as enjoying its excellent dry sense of humour, which helps overcome its fears. Life becomes definitely lighter with age for this hard working sign.

Integration of the Strengths from Both Signs

Capricorn offers Cancer a solid container and boundary to safely manifest its immense imagination, creativity and emotional richness. Cancer offers Capricorn permission to nurture and nourish itself and others. Together these two signs provide an excellent balance of yin/yang, anima/animus energy.

In the next edition, I will explore the remaining four signs: Leo opposite Aquarius and
Virgo opposite Pisces. We will also look briefly at the signs of the Zodiac in a circular developmental manner.

Margaret Gray – Legal Copyright October 2010

Margaret Gray offers Psychological Astrology consultations to individuals and couples in Ireland, Hawaii and California. She also teaches seminars and workshops. For further information, see www.astrologypsychological.com or contact Margaret at margaret@astrologypsychological.com

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