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Become Awesome Creators

by Dee Wallace

by Dee Wallace

Here we are moving into 2012, carrying our new intentions and the hopes we choose to manifest. So I ask you… are you still holding the focus and excitement of your dreams? If we stay focused on those resolutions and be emotionally joyful and excited about the energetic creation of them, we just might manifest them into physical reality.

Most of us believe, however, that resolutions are ‘those promises we really don’t think we can keep,’ but we give it the old college try. This belief has created a groove in our brain that’s called the pattern of non-expectation: we expect not to be supported and acknowledged in the creation of our wishes. I want to remind you of the rule that supersedes them all: as you believe, it will be delivered unto you. So, it makes more sense to really believe in your dreams if you want to create them.

But then, what about all those other people and circumstances that keep us from doing that? Ah, possibly the most debilitating of the limiting beliefs: it’s not up to me and I don’t have the control. So, how’s that workin’ for ya? For us? We’re creating with limited results, but that can change; it’s all so very simple if you know these rules.

Everything is light
Light is lowered into physicality by three principles: pick a thought, pick an emotion, and hold your focus on both. Whatever you pick, the light of you amplifies and radiates it out, and that choice bounces back to you as reality. So if you pick, ‘I am talented’ as a thought and feel joy and excitement, and hold your focus there, the universe has to bounce back acknowledgment that you are, indeed, joyfully talented, and the world responds.

It’s Your Choice
You also can pick ‘I am talented’ and pick ‘I feel guilty about having more talent than other people.’ If you hold your focus on that, the universe bounces back to reality your talent not being recognised because you feel guilty about it. It’s really your choice. You have to make it your choice; whether it makes sense or not. So basically, we are saying bye-bye to the way we thought the world worked because it didn’t work. We were taught the incorrect formula for creation by people who loved us and they were also taught the wrong way: the real meaning of the phrase ‘sins of the fathers.’ The sin was that they didn’t know, and passed on wrong information to those they loved, and it just kept that old genetic incorrect message going for generations. We get to change that, and only we can.

Keep your heart open
When we keep our hearts open, we can feel the truth. We trust. We know. When we go to our heads first, they do what they are supposed to do: doubt and question. If we really want to know the truth – and know that we know – we have to choose to stay in our hearts. There’s that choice thing again: I choose to choose. No one else can make the choice and decide for you.

So in these months of the new year, let’s really make it new. Everything. Let’s choose thoughts we haven’t chosen before, like ‘I am magnificent, I am worthy, it’s all possible, and I create my own life by creating me.’ Choose to remember we create by going to our heart; choosing the thought or thing we want; choosing the emotion that puts joy and excitement behind it; hold the focus on it; and let it be.

We are awesome creators. Our light amplifies whatever we focus on and radiates that out. That’s what they mean in those new-age sayings like, ‘be the change you want to see in the world,’ and ‘as within, so without.’ Basically, those are clever little ways to say this: get your act together before you take it on the road. Now that’s a little ditty Charlie Sheen should have heeded. The creation of us goes into everything we create. Be sure who you are. It’s a great and long life.

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