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Past Life Relationships & The Pull of ‘The One’, By Katherina Kavungu

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Katherina Kavungu

The Pull of ‘The One’

Katherina Kavungu

By Katherina Kavungu

Past-life relationships

Have you ever been in a very intense relationship where you feel you have known that person your whole life? You feel that you know what the person is thinking and feeling? You could be in a past life relationship.

When you meet someone that you had a past life relationship with, it often feels as if that person is your soulmate. The fundamental difference between a past-life relationship and a soulmate relationship is that soulmate relationships tend to work. When you meet a soulmate, you get on, you may have a few struggles, but fundamentally you click and it works.

If it’s a past life relationship, it can be plagued with problems and seems as though you’re repeating the same relationship over and over again. Many past life relationships are not meant for this life and are not conducive to keeping us clear and happy.

So why do they happen? Your soul lesson is to heal and to learn to let go so you can find a deeper love which nurtures your growth.

The key to this is your relationship with you. You need to love you as much as you expect to be loved. If you are not treating yourself as precious, how can the Universe mirror love back? Believe that you are worthy of a relationship that is worthy of you!

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GoNaturalistic March 7, 2014 - 6:37 pm

This was a great read!


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