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Listen Your Way to Peace – Calmerceuticals™ Before Pharmaceuticals

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Listen Your Way To Peace


John is touring Ireland 24-28th October. Available for just two talks only, these will take place in Galway and Dublin. Read more about his tour on silenceofmusic.com.

Self-love and self-care are very much neglected in this time of ultra-busy lifestyles but just twenty minutes of sonic guided meditation can soothe the brain to a calm, peaceful state. Calmerceuticals, created by John Levine and Alexandra Wenman, offer this deep meditation in an easy-to-use and portable form.

John Levine, using his background in psychology, engineering and the physiology of hearing, was the first to compose relaxation music to settle the brain into Alphawaves. With Calmerceuticals, he teams with holistic therapist Alexandra Wenman, whose soothing voice and long experience in Theta Healing support many on their path to wellbeing.

Together, they combine music and guided visualisations in the first three CDs of the Calmerceuticals series. How does it work? Science shows that Alphawaves produce ‘happy chemicals’, including serotonin and betaendorphins. These soothe the stressful brain Betawaves, helping the nervous system to calm the body and still the mind on the journey to rest and renewal. Benefits brought about from this include feelings of profound relaxation, greater confidence and personal empowerment, increased clarity, joy, freedom and awareness, physical healing, enhanced creativity, a more open heart, improved relationships and resolution of some psychological and emotional difficulties! Try a few minutes each day and keep a diary of the benefits to help you track it.


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