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Heal Yourself with a Little Help from Bowen Therapy, By Suzette O’Leary

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A Bowen Therapist Shares Her Experience

Bowen Therapy

By Suzette O’Leary

I was introduced to Bowen Therapy when I offered to have the therapy demonstrated on me at an event I was attending. The instructor had asked if anyone in the room had any low back pain so I raised my hand. I had been receiving massage therapy to address it with some result for years but at the end of a very short demonstration, I noted that the nagging feeling in my lower back was gone. Being a skeptic, I recall thinking, “It will come back”. Several months later, when it hadn’t returned, I became curious. What was that therapy? Could it really have helped that much? And thus began my journey to becoming a Bowen therapist.

Bowen Therapy is a gentle, hands-on, therapy which is used to provide relief from pain. It works subtly together with one’s own body’s ability to repair itself. Aside from being a highly effective therapy, what I appreciate so deeply about it personally is that it doesn’t force any changes to happen in the body. As the practitioner, we simply offer Bowen therapy to those we work with and allow their body to make the adjustments and changes itself. We do not make the body change and force it to feel better or to heal itself.

The body is already quite able to repair and heal itself, we simply help it to remember that it can.

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