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Positive Personality: Tantra Maat

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From our autumn issue.

Wake Up to Awe


Interviewed by Paul Congdon

Tantra Maat, author of ‘An Irish Tale of a Modern Mystic’ explained to us that she wrote this book because she fell in love with the Irish people and that it was in this culture that she returned to herself. She shared some thoughts with us on where we are all at now globally and individually, and how to best navigate this time.

Are you a healer?

I’m a system restorer, I don’t use the word ‘healing’, mostly because there’s an undercurrent in that that we’re not ok, that we need to be fixed. I’m psychic so I have the ability to read people and theres something catalytic in those readings and i noticed it begin to stimulate something where clients began to restore themselves or their sense of self, so if that’s healing, ok. I would say that healing for me is restoration, rejuvenation and capacity – restoration of the system, rejuvenation of the system’s basic function, and then the capacity for your own being, like a weight lifter.

What does peace mean to you?

Peace is a state of being not a state of circumstance, that’s simple. But peace and truth is an organic system where you’re in response rather than reaction. You’re in ‘being there’ rather than being at the effect of something, you don’t have a sense of being disturbed even when you’re disturbed and it’s fabulous. To be awake is to be almost like a ballet dancer poised for the next move. I don’t think peace is is ‘Ohm’ or a narcotic-like state of, “No matter what happens I’m fine,” because while that’s true, I’ve seen very peaceful people take a stand on some very powerful things.

Do you think there is only one of us?

I would say yes but here’s where that idea falls short; each of us is a unique essential aspect of the whole. Oneness has many fractals, many aspects of the same thing, but all unique and essential. Even when I was young I could always tell when I would read somebody that there was never another one of them. I’ve never read, two the same ever. As I grew older, I could see how everyone was essential, not just unique but essential. And a most important thing at the moment is that every human being knows this, that without them, a composite of complexity cannot exist, it just can’t exist.

What’s your latest nugget of wisdom or your thing at the moment?

It’s ok to have fun now. Something’s over and it’s ok to let it be over. It’s just ok. It’s ok to have the past be over. It may be a few years before we ‘get’ that it’s over, but right now it’s just ok to have it be over and take care of yourself.

Do you have a daily practice?

No, I just live. But there is a little cute thing I’ve been doing with my group and the result always stuns people, especially if you’re upset or nervous or depressed. Get smiley faces stickers and whenever you feel that something made you smile or you smiled for no reason, put a sticker on the calendar. Pretty soon people start saying, “I would have thought i would put no smiley faces on and now i’m putting them on everywhere.” So i say just get a bigger calendar. Our system is looking for the laughter, it’s looking for the joy and if we just nudge it a little bit, it’ll prove itself to us.

What you want for the world?

This is a wonder based, creation, this is a creation where we should be walking out the door in awe every day, just blown away by sunsets and elementals chewing our toes or whatever it is and i want us to have our awe back. I want us to be thunderstruck and enchanted and magiced and have none of it be what we’ve been told – that it’s something to fear and something to run from and to be dull and plain and boring and frightening. It’s not what a human being was designed to be.


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