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Feeling The Light Within

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In the Short and Sweet section of the magazine, we often feature companies who inspire us … and our recently-released Spring 2023 issue was no exception. We loved speaking with Sinéad de hÓra, an intuitive specialist, who is dedicated to helping people remember their own light with the support of Angels. Keep reading to enjoy the full piece!

Feeling The Light Within

The Power Of Angel Healing

By Persephone Kianka

Sinéad de hÓra has been deeply in tune with her intuition since the age of four, asking her parents to leave a place for her spirit guides at the dinner table. Today, as an intuitive specialist, she helps people to achieve the same inner clarity using an array of spiritual tools, from Angel healing to aromatherapy.

When we spoke with Sinéad, she emphasised that while she does connect with Angels and spirits, she directs her healing sessions based on what her client needs to become the best version of themselves. This could involve mediumship, but it could also involve alternative therapy, ancestral healing, goal-setting, or something else.

“I will do whatever they are telling me to do,” she told us, referring to her Angels.

For Sinéad, Archangels are messengers of love who want to help us become our best selves. She explained that each Angel has a very different energy, and “they come to you how you want to see them”. The well-known Archangel Raphael, for example, is the Angel of healing, who always appears to her in a beautiful green light.

This clear conception of her Angels led Sinéad to create her lovely Angel oracle decks, which she often uses during readings to give additional guidance.

Whether it’s an in-person or online reading, Sinéad can connect to the energies present and translate them into practical wisdom the client can take away.

In her own words, the primary purpose of this work is “allowing people to feel their own light, to feel how gorgeous they are, how special they are, and that is the real message of the Angels as well”.



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