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In the Short and Sweet section of the magazine, we often feature companies who inspire us … and our recently-released Spring 2023 issue was no exception. We loved speaking with Eamon Canning, founder of Hempful, an Irish brand that produces Hemp and CBD foods, supplements and cosmetics. Keep reading to enjoy the full piece!


Ireland’s Premium CBD Oil

By Persephone Kianka

Eamon Canning is the founder of Hempful, an Irish brand that produces Hemp and CBD foods, supplements and cosmetics. When he came to understand the benefits of hemp as a crop back in 2015, he naturally became interested in making his own products.

When we sat down and spoke with Eamon, he expressed his luck at having found the perfect source—a farm in Croatia—and chemist, who has over 30 years of experience, for the job.

He explained that climate, and more specifically UV exposure, is essential for growing high quality hemp with an abundant and diverse yield of cannabinoids, and luckily, Croatia has just the right amount of sun for this. His expert chemist then winterizes and decarboxylates the full-spectrum CBD rich Hemp oil to give us the Premium CBD oil we see in our local health stores.

According to Eamon, this exceptional product quality is one of three core values the company’s well-earned reputation stands on. The other two are “exceptional customer service” and “best possible value”.

By only stocking his products in independent health food stores, Eamon knows that his customers will always receive the value and service they deserve. As most customers start with limited knowledge of the product, he acknowledged the vital role of health store staff in bridging that gap.

Just as independent health stores won’t sell a customer something that’s not for them, Hempful is “not interested in selling hemp CBD products to just anybody. We’re looking to sell to people who will really benefit from it”.

From the farmers in Croatia to the health store staff across Ireland, the genuine care put into Hempful is evident, explaining why they are Ireland’s leading producer of Hemp and CBD products today.



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