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Remembering Our Divinity

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In the Short and Sweet section of the magazine, we often feature companies who inspire us … and our recently-released Spring 2023 issue was no exception. We loved speaking with Jacinta Murray, the creator of Divine Essence Crystal Healing, about how we can reconnect with our divinity. Keep reading to learn more…

Remembering Our Divinity

Divine Essence Crystal Healing

By Persephone Kianka

Jacinta Murray, the creator of Divine Essence Crystal Healing, has been working with crystals even before she had any. “Initially, before we started buying them, we actually used to just connect with them energetically,” she shared.

This empowering recognition that the source of knowledge and power is within, informs much of Jacinta’s healing work. For her, the idea that we’re “only a vessel for the energy” does a disservice to many powerful healers who heal using their unique divine essence.

She also observed that many crystal teachings focus on information rather than intuition. While information can be helpful when working with crystals, in her experience, “if you work with your heart and your intuition, you have a much more powerful connection than you ever have with knowledge.”

This realisation ultimately led to Divine Essence Crystal Healing, a healing system that focuses on activating the individual’s divine essence. “Once we connect to our divine essence, then we can heal Self, and we can help to heal others if they’re open to self-healing as well,” Jacinta explained.

For this reason, the trainings they offer don’t just teach how to heal others but how to heal ourselves. When asked if individuals align with certain crystals vibrationally, she said, for most of us, this constantly shifts throughout our lives.

Jacinta encourages people to trust their intuition when choosing and working with crystals without following any system too rigidly. In a time of tremendous energetic shifts, we must first and foremost tune into Self and the planetary energies to know the best way to proceed in our healing journey.



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