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Beauty From Within

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In the Short and Sweet section of the magazine, we often feature companies who inspire us … and our recently-released Spring 2023 issue was no exception. We loved speaking with naturopath and osteopath Martin Forde about EducoHealth, an Active Nutrition company that aims to draw out our natural well-being. Keep reading to enjoy the full piece!

Beauty From Within

Draw Out Your Natural Radiance With EducoHealth

By Persephone Kianka

EducoHealth, an Active Nutrition company based in Dublin, started over 40 years ago with a bunch of people who were passionate about health and fitness. One of them was Martin Forde, who works as a naturopath and osteopath today. With a background in agricultural economics, Martin began to investigate consumer preferences and what people wanted in terms of nutrition.

He shared that, back then, you couldn’t find the type of quality foods and, eventually, food supplements that would make a difference to health-conscious people.

When you’re involved with health and fitness, having a source of the right kinds of food is crucial. Yet, in those days, they couldn’t get organic milk and had to make arrangements to get the right type of cottage cheese. The company also used to bring in cider vinegar which was largely unknown at the time. Today, they still run on the same idea; providing products that allow people to pursue a healthier lifestyle.

EducoHealth aims to draw out the inner health that each individual holds naturally. “I saw that people inside themselves are perfect,” Martin expressed. He believes this natural well-being simply needs to be “drawn out” by living a good lifestyle: “If you exercise, it’s all an effort to draw out your perfection from within. Supplements are to give you things in your diet that are hard to create by normal means. That’s what the company is about.”

Their new supplement, Red Orange Complex, expertly draws out our inner beauty and helps to maintain it. It comes as a powder extract obtained from the juice of three varieties of Sicilian blood orange grown exclusively in a particular area surrounding Mount Etna.

Martin explained that plants that grow in very sunny places, such as Sicily, develop vast amounts of protection against the sun. They deliberately prevent the breakdown of collagen and protect the build-up of collagen. EducoHealth developed this supplement to help our bodies do the same.

The minute the sun’s light hits our skin, it starts to deteriorate the collagen. Red Orange Complex ensures that when the body tries to produce collagen, the sun’s light doesn’t interrupt this process. As a high-tech collagen extract with a low molecular structure, it can quickly enter the body and communicate with the cells. According to Martin, this is the first time a company has combined skin improvement and skin protection.

This unique supplement also enables people to engage in intensive physical exercise without damaging effects, such as the increased production of reactive oxygen species and free radicals in various tissues. By supplementing antioxidants, Red Orange Complex decreases oxidative stress, thereby preventing its short- and long-term health consequences in athletes involved in rigorous training programs.

“We put our best foot forward to provide people with useful, effective and unique products.” These supplements are one-of-a-kind in that they focus on prevention rather than treatment. By targeting every cell in the body, Red Orange Complex ensures that your inner radiance and health can continue to shine out as you pursue a dynamic lifestyle.



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