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Spring Sneak Peek & Concious Concert Competition

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This issue we interviewed Aarvindha Himadra who’ll be the headline speaker at the upcoming Conscious Concert, March 28th. Below is a preview from the interview along with a small soundbite. And the lovely folks at Conscious Concert have given us three copies of his book, along with three pairs of tickets to their event for three lucky winners. Tag the friend you’d like to bring and a friend you think might be interested in our competition post on our Facebook page to enter. More event details here.

Positive Personality: Aaravindha Himadra 

Invitation to an immortal perspective.

Aaravindha Himadra

Interviewed by Elva Carri.

Aaravindha Himadra is the author of ‘Immortal Self’, a book that tells the story of his journey to the Himalayas to visit the masters of the Amartya tradition; a spiritual community he explains as ancient, reclusive and predating any other religious or spiritual belief. He describes how one of the  masters came to him in a vision as a child, how he was later approached by one in a marketplace in India and how he finally made the journey after another vision called him to do so. In his book and through his teaching, he divulges the sacred lessons he learned there.

If you could teach everyone in the world one thing…

Something we’ve always had, and that is our ability for compassion. In the east it’s called Karuna and different than what we sometimes think of as compassion in the west – as a kindness or empathy. Compassion is an ancient spiritual art which requires us to become very present and acknowledge the moment. And this is something anyone can do. What is now? Where are we? What is going on right now? And if we feel truthfully into our condition, we can feel our difficulties and our hopes. If our hopes are based on illusion, they’ll feel like a weight, but if they’re based on our essential nature, they’ll feel as light as a feather.

This is an excerpt from our Spring 2015 issue. To get a copy of the magazine subscribe or visit one of our stockists and tell them we said hello.

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