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Embrace Sovereignty As An Expression Of Authenticity

by Amanda Sophia

Our winter issue is out now. Feng Shui expert and inspirational speaker Amanda Sophia shares her valuable wisdom on how we can reclaim our power by embracing sovereignty. Dive on in to find out more…

Embrace Sovereignty As An Expression Of Authenticity

Reclaiming Your Power

by Amanda Sophia

Beloved, to be sovereign is to be free.

Our sovereignty is sourced from within us, continually attempting to draw us toward our innate purpose, wisdom and power. Every time we choose to be ourselves, refusing to abandon our worth, we walk in sovereignty.

Let’s explore how sovereignty and authenticity are intertwined.

Honour Your Emotions

I journal when I wake up to empty myself on paper, and then I let myself feel. Allowing myself to pause first thing in the morning is the greatest gift I have given myself in my healing journey over the years. When we embrace what we need to feel, we may stand authentically in the purpose meant for us.

Silence the Inner Critic

I kept a thought journal for two years to see on paper the damage my inner critic was causing. Seeing the words in my journal allowed me to be aware of how unloving I was to myself. Then, I could release those unhelpful thoughts to the universe and begin my journey to self-love and appreciation.


Living from a place of sovereignty is not people-pleasing and doing things that do not bring you joy. Having boundaries in place allows you the energy to say yes to the things that bring you to life. Remember, boundaries are how we teach people to treat us. Implementing boundaries isn’t easy, but it is necessary to live your life from a place of alignment and sovereignty. 

Inner Work

Shadow, past life and ancestral work allow time for reflection on areas of healing and goals for the future. It is through these exercises that the head, heart and soul come into alignment. Beloved, just as in nature, we have the seasons to nurture, rest, harvest and celebrate. Give yourself grace, time and affirmations as you move toward your sovereignty.

Compassion and Kindness

Be kind to yourself. We meet our inner critic with love, not harsh judgement, while asking our higher selves for the truth. When we approach our thoughts and actions of inauthenticity with curiosity and self-love, we’re able to sift through
the reasons why we have adopted people-pleasing behaviours.

Use Your Gifts

Beloved, shining your light is a huge part of your sovereignty. Stand in the centre of your truth, and the path to your sovereignty will be fully illuminated every time. This is a deep calling to stop moulding yourself into what you think others want from you. Instead, be true to who you are and use your gifts to make this world a more inclusive and beautiful place.

Allow Yourself to be Vulnerable

When you surround yourself with those who are passionate about seeing you joyful, loved and authentically, you will stand in absolute sovereignty. I used to feel if I was vulnerable, I would drive people away. Vulnerability isn’t just allowing others to draw closer to us; it empowers us to discover and draw closer to our sovereignty.

Become Internally Motivated

We need to reassure our inner child that she is welcome, loved, safe and capable of healing. As your inner child begins to heal from her wounds, she will gain the strength to unburden herself with people-pleasing, limiting beliefs and other painful coping mechanisms she once used to keep herself safe.

Align With Your joinamandasophia.com Community

We draw such strength from a supportive community. Others empower us to honour our sovereignty and encourage us to share our gifts. Are you looking for a community of like-minded Beloveds to encourage you in your journey? I invite you to take a look at joining the Divine Woman course, an online journey to healing, self-discovery and transformation. You can also join the Divine Women’s free monthly gatherings at joinamandasophia.com/monthly-gatherings-divinewoman


Amanda Sophia

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