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The Power Of Grace

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Our summer issue is out now. Our cover star Mas Sajady writes about the power of grace, dive on in to find out more!

The Power Of Grace

Feel the frequency

by Mas Sajady

When I was asked to write about the power of grace, I was very excited for a couple of reasons. My youngest daughter’s name is Grace and she embodies the Xponential Intelligent definition I’m about to share to help you live in the magic of grace. Ever since my 2nd near death experience I’ve been practising Xponential Intelligence. In a nutshell, XI is the physics of life – a handbook that explains life and then gives you step-by-step instructions on how to turn yours into the best possible version.

If you’re familiar with my work, you may know that it has led to miraculous life transformations for hundreds of thousands around the world. You will naturally be thinking, “How could Mas give a profoundly different meaning to grace that has not already been thought of by the great thinkers of our times?” The XI definition, when heard, will ring so true that you may feel your life frequency change well before you understand it with the logic of your mind. By all means, this isn’t to say that I’m a master writer and my eloquence will move you. In fact, I’m the opposite: raw, to the point, unapologetic.

The power to transform comes from the word itself. Grace is a word that belongs to a subcategory of magnifiers. Magnifiers are words, actions, intentions, emotions, elements, whose origin comes from a non spacetime realm, or beyond the elements of this plane. Examples of magnifiers: your spirit or your timeless self comes from beyond a spacetime realm; water has very unique properties unlike any earthbound element, and was here before earth ever was. Speaking or listening to a magnifier word like grace can generate energy from nothing, breaking the laws of conservation of energy and invoking decisions that can move mountains and heal the unfortunate.

But why doesn’t it work in practice the way I just described it? Am I too crazy or eccentric to see reality as it is? To many, this description sounds lofty and grand, like it came out of a Harry Potter movie and far-fetched from this reality. Those who believe may think it’s true, and if they try hard enough, maybe, just maybe, they can live it. Someday.

The big question is, where is the proof and why isn’t it working the way I said? The science is quite simple. First and foremost, the universe does not care and has no obligation to prove itself to you. It does what it does on its own accord. It’s there for you to observe and learn – which is proof in itself.

Second, there is no magic left in the world. Few study the science of miracles anymore. Even fewer explore the magic of science. Humans have forgotten how to be human. They are too busy striving to be someone or something that they think will make them happy, which buries them deeper into the pit of lost souls. With nothing left of the spirit, desperation is used to ask for the grace of God, the courts, or a person’s forgiveness to give them another chance.

Unfortunately, you cannot incite the power of grace in this manner. But much like the students in the Harry Potter movies, the student of right consciousness has the confidence and bravado to invoke power into their spells, and as they wave their wands, they successfully cast their spell. Like Harry Potter, you too can cast the power of grace upon your life: using a real-life sceptre called The Power Frequency that helps you shine the brilliance you naturally are.

Find out more about Mas Sajady and his work: mas-sajady.com

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