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The Divine Design

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Our autumn issue is out now. In this issue we share an excerpt from Lorie Ladd’s new book, The Divine Design. Dive on in to find out more…

The Divine Design

An excerpt by Lorie Ladd

Humanity is currently navigating this miraculous and courageous physical evolution in Consciousness.

The human has never experienced the current physical shifts within their body. They do not have a reference point. It requires patience, surrender, trust, and most importantly – being the observer. When the human becomes the observer, they begin to see themselves in the human journey instead of being the human journey. They begin to choose. They begin to feel without attachment. They begin to experience frequencies within their body, and they begin to notice the subtle shifts in their states of consciousness.

Once the human becomes the observer, they begin to experience themselves embodying their multidimensionality. They feel and see their shifts between dimensional fields, and they will start to notice when they have anchored into another dimensional field. There are many ways the human will experience their multidimensionality. We will list a few below. One of the first experiences had by the human as they step into their multidimensionality is reconnecting and embodying all fragmented aspects of the human’s light Consciousness – the spirit that left the body due to trauma. The human releases all trauma, pulls in all fragmented aspects of themselves, and begins to become whole once more.

Another experience the human will have as they step into their multidimensionality is feeling their resonance. Resonance is the frequency the human body is holding in any now moment. It is designed to navigate the human through the energetic world. It is the human’s compass. Everything is energy and as the human becomes multidimensional, they begin to trust resonance over thoughts, beliefs, and the external world.

The human will also become more present and in the now. The human will find themselves experiencing presence more often. They will release the attachment to the past or the future. They begin to trust the now moment as the only moment that needs attention. The human will find themselves in a more surrendered state, not trying to control or create a desired outcome. They will detach from all experiences. Detachment does not mean they do not feel or desire experiences or outcomes. Detachment means the human no longer associates themselves as the experience or outcome, but instead, simply experiences each now.

As the human practices presence, they will begin to experience neutrality. Neutrality is another aspect of becoming multidimensional. The human begins to step out of duality, which creates the illusion of separateness and right or wrong, and into neutrality. Neutrality allows for the natural expression of all consciousness – thoughts, beliefs, programs, paradigms, and behaviors – without judgment. The multidimensional human stands in the one unified quantum field where all experiences and consciousnesses exist without separation.

The human understands everything in the external world is its own unique expression of source consciousness; therefore, there is no judgment. Another experience of multidimensionality is sovereignty. When a human is in their sovereignty, they are aligned with their energetic signature and their resonance. They are completely embodied and feel safe within their physical form. The sovereign human understands that the external world cannot impact them unless they allow it.

Sovereignty releases any aspect of victimhood. They express themselves freely and with both power and a knowingness. The sovereign human is creating their reality from an empowered state, free within their form. They allow all other humans to express and be without an attachment to changing them. A sovereign human knows they are worthy and free to be all of who they are without being impacted by the external world.

The multidimensional human also begins to connect and align back into their channel. The human embodies their Higher Self and I Am Presence. They trust and follow the guidance of the Higher Self over the ego. The human also gains access to all their multidimensional senses. They hear, see, feel, and receive higher frequency energies. There are many experiences the human has as they discover their multi-senses, but a few common ones are:

1. Connecting and communicating with their guides
2. Bi-locating into other dimensional fields
3. Seeing energies in colors, shapes, and waves
4. Receiving energy from higher dimensional realms and unpacking it as information
5. Feeling energies around their body and in rooms
6. Seeing visions or scenes from the non-physical realm
7. Telepathic communication with other humans
8. Knowing things before they happen

Humanity is currently navigating this miraculous and courageous physical evolution in Consciousness. The above examples are just a few of many experiences the human will have as they step into their multidimensionality. These don’t happen overnight. It takes baby steps and requires the human to have compassion and patience as they learn how to become multidimensional.

We have been waiting thousands of years for this moment. You have been waiting thousands of years to be able to finally experience this physical shift in consciousness within your human form. There are light codes within your DNA that will activate and are activating, allowing you to step into the multidimensional human. It is no mistake that you are reading these words. You are remembering why you are here in the human form. You have chosen to experience the physical shift in consciousness within a dense physical form. You are doing this courageously and exactly how you designed it to be.

Many of you have worked diligently as Light Workers for thousands of years and hundreds of lifetimes to get Earth and humanity to this now moment. You are honored, loved and held as you physically anchor into the 4th and 5th dimensional fields.

Excerpt from The Divine Design, pages 222-225 

Lorie will be joining us in Dublin in person as part of her book tour on 16 March 2023 at Positive Nights. Tickets are available at here.

Find out more about Lorie and her work at: lorieladd.com

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