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Our Top Picks From The Natural Health Expo 2015

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The Natural Health Expo is an exciting new event from the Irish Health Trade Association (IHTA) that took place last Sunday and Monday in the RDS in Dublin. Providing a comprehensive showcase for the natural health industry, the interactive event is Ireland’s only natural health trade only exhibition, targeting health store and pharmacy retailers in Ireland and further afield.
The event was a resounding success and it was amazing to see the incredibly high standard of the exhibitors and speakers over the two days. We had the opportunity to speak to some of our existing favourites, as well as discovering some brilliant new companies to keep an eye out for either for your own health, or the retail business you may be a part of.
And a big congratulations to superfood company Iswari for being recognised for an amazing range of products and receiving an award at the event.

Revive Active

These are a well established favourite among the Positive Life team and many of our readers. An Irish company producing health supplements with high potency and incredibly high quality ingredients, they take plenty of time and care in their research, pairing up ingredients for optimum absorption and benefits. They gained widespread appreciation for one of their initial products,  CoQ10, and testimonials streamed in from the likes of TV presenter Tracy Piggott. With results that were a testament to the quality they set out to achieve, the company later went on to launch Revive Active, Revive Active Joint Complex and Revive Active Krill Oil. You can find further reviews of their products and their story herereviveactive.com

Chia Bia Launch Vegan Omega 3 Oil

Chia Bia just launched Europe’s first plant-based Omega 3 chia oil capsule. The Irish company is only the second in the world to introduce a sustainable and vegan Omega 3 oil capsule. More commonly derived from fish oil, the Chia Oil Capsules have all the benefits of Omega 3 with no fishy after taste and as such, also suitable for vegetarians and vegans. The human body can make most of the types of fats it needs from other fats or raw materials but this isn’t the case for omega-3 fatty acids (also called omega-3 fats and n-3 fats). These are essential fats—which must be obtained from food sources and supplements. Omgea 3 has been shown to help prevent heart disease and stroke, may help control lupus, eczema, and rheumatoid arthritis. chiabia.com

Dr. Bronner’s Coconut Oil

Dr. Bronner’s is a wonderful company consistently upholding beautiful principles and setting high standards for all positive businesses to strive towards. We reviewed some of their products as a wonderful Christmas gift option last year, but they produce a range of soaps, shampoos, toothpastes and more that will do you year-round and which many of can be used for 30 purposes! That’s an impressive little bottle of stuff to bring home. Along with their soaps, they’ve also now launched a Coconut Oil. Coconut Oil is one of the latest and truly greatest trends for skincare and haircare from the last few years and great to see a company we love now offering it. lifesgreat.ie

Dr Wolz 

Dr. Wolz is the company behind another of our favourite supplements. It’s not often you can say a Noble prize winner worked on your supplement, but for Zell Oxygen Plus, it just so happens to be the case! It was developed in Germany by Dr. Wolz and Nobel prize winner Professor Lunen. What makes it unique is that it transports nutrients directly to the body’s mitochondria system using special yeast cells that are almost identical to human cells. Though many people don’t react well to yeast, this strand actually helps rid the body of negative yeasts like candida. It’s recommended to improve energy levels, strengthen the immune system, support healthy digestion, improve bowel function and aid sleep our sleep patterns. rossmorehealth.com | wolz.de

Green Health Aloe Arborescens

Green Health, like many at the expo and an increasing number of the public, believe that prevention is better than a cure. They provide organic health care products for day to day ailments and put much of their energy into sourcing products from all over the world that are vital for the promotion of a healthy, clean lifestyle. Their Aloe Arborescens Juice contains a brilliant mix of much needed vitamins and nutrients and definitely one to check out. greenhealthstore.ie

Nua naturals 

NUA Naturals is a health food business situated at the cutting edge of the rapidly growing global trends of health and wellness such as Raw foods, Lactose Free, and Vegan diets. NUA Naturals are lovers, suppliers and producers of organic health and super foods across the globe and they’re doing it all from thier base in Co. Galway. Their message to you? “Release the stress of having to make everything perfect for now and just make one change that will last.” They produce a wide range of health-boosting products, all designed to nurture you body, your mind and your spirit. nuanaturals.com


Superlife produce delicious bags of goodness to add to your smoothies, cereals, yogurts and more. They’re also wonderful for running online habit-changing programmes, supporting people in taking little steps towards much healthier diets and discovering the delectable options and variety of ingredients you can really get into your diet with a small bit of thought and just the right shopping list. haveasuperlife.com

That Protein

Ever dreamed that a premium organic plant protein powders with superfoods would exist, and as one amazing product? Well That Protein have made your dreams come true. Natural, organic, cold pressed, pure and never processed by heat over 40 degrees, it’s also dairy free, contains no added sugars, non GMO, no sweeteners and free from anything artificial. The range was developed by two nutritionists with a passion for plants and how to get the best from. They’ve been featured by the likes of Vogue UK and TV3’s Xposé. thatprotein.com

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