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Equalising the Energy Balance: Do unto yourself as unto others. By Dee Wallace

by Dee Wallace

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By Dee Wallace

I have been, and still am, tracking something and I am not quite clear about what it is. I thought it was regarding money. Now, as always, it is morphing into something much larger and it is an interesting one with lots to glean from it already. It has to do with a shift of energy between the ‘rules’ we keep for ourselves, and those we have for other energy. It began to crystalise in front of me in New York, as I watched myself and others fl uctuate in what we were claiming, how to get it, and how that affected other energy.

This is what I saw:

  1. An inequality of happiness and freedom as we were actually creating what we want. This usually came from a deep-seated belief that we couldn’t/wouldn’t get it anyway, or that we had to struggle to get it, so we wouldn’t allow ourselves to acknowledge we were creating it.
  2. We settled for less and then made excuses that whatever we created was enough. And then we said it was enough.
  3. We thought there should/had to be more. So we were never content.

All this, in one way or another, led to an inequality of the exchange of energy. It also pointed to the fact that we are not actually saying what we want, knowing the experience of joy after fully receiving it. The quote the channel gave me: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I want to extend that to ourselves, also: Do unto yourself as you would have others do unto you. Are we giving ourselves the love? Are we giving ourselves the encouragement? Are we giving ourselves permission to say and receive what we want? Are we giving ourselves the joy of knowing we are accepted, honored, respected, seen and heard in this life?

And are we giving that to others? Are we asking more for a service so we can experience our worth by getting MORE of an exchange in energy? Or less so we can justify our perception that we don’t deserve?

Look back over the last week and feel into the balance of when the energy feels equal and peaceful. As I was doing this around a situation, I was given this clear guidance: In order for me to feel my integrity, or to be in integrity, I had to give more than I needed to give. That creates an imbalance for me in the exchange of my energy with other energy. And it sets up the experience of “not ever having enough to give.” Even down to fi xing too much for Thanksgiving dinner.

Are you asking too much for the service/time/expertise you are offering in relation to how you are feeling? Look for the intention underneath that is driving it. Are you asking too little in relation to the energy exchange with other energy? Let’s demand that we hear and know the highest truth about what our true perceptions of ourselves are, because that creates the outcome. When we know our self-worth, and we know others’ self-worth, the exchange automatically goes into the correct alignment of the scales, and all is harmoniously balanced.

Dee Wallace has worked as an author, teacher, dancer and actress in film, television and the stage for over 30 years. (E.T., Cujo, The Howling). her book, Bright Light, tells that tale and shares the spiritual lessons she has learned from a life in acting. iamdeewallace.com


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