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Positive Life presents Positive Nights: Find Harmony through Feng Shui with Amanda Collins

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Facebook page | Thursday, December 1st, 2016, 7:30pm | Eur 20 / 15 euros concession | Location: The Powerscourt Theatre, Dublin 2.

Positive Nights is proud to bring to the stage internationally renowned Feng Shui expert Amanda Collins!

On this evening, Paul will interview Amanda on how Feng Shui allows you to harmonise and improve:


In Amanda’s own words: “Home truly is where the heart is. That’s why it’s so important that your home is nurturing, supportive, safe and makes you feel like you’re getting a great big hug when you walk in the door. No matter what’s going on in the world outside, once you step inside you should feel completely relaxed and able to connect body, mind and spirit.”

Amanda is the founder of the International Feng Shui school which is a certification training program and she will share her best tips and advice to enhance our lives.

As always we will have a break with delicious juices courtesy of Cornucopia Dublin.

Book your ticket directly here or email us at positivenights@gmail.com.

More about Amanda

Amanda is a Visionary leader, World-renowned Motivational Speaker and Feng Shui Master. She is founder of the International Feng Shui School and Inner Circle of Wisdom Online community, where she supports people to step into their joy, their own authenticity, connect with their heart, their higher Selves and guides through ancient ritual and ceremony to create magic in the modern day world. She has worked with notable clients such as: Bloomingdales, DreamWorks Animation, and regularly shares her wisdom through the mass media.

amandacollins.com & internationalfengshuischool.com

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