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Positive Vibes Delightful December: Feng Shui, Organic products & an Awesome Pendulum Summit Competition!

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Like that old song says: “It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” Sweet December has arrived. The city is shining with beautiful lights; there’s a buzz all around while we are busy buying presents, decorating our homes and feeling that warm desire to welcome a new year next to our family and loved ones. The air feels magical and our hearts are filled with hope for the future!  In this edition we bring you plenty of ideas for out of the box gifts with events, courses, delicious organic products and a fantastic competition you wont want to miss! 

Christmas scene

Positive Nights Presents: Find Harmony through Feng Shui with Amanda Collins


Date: Thursday December 1st, 2016

Place: Powerscourt Theater, Powerscourt Centre, Dublin 2

Positive Nights is proud to bring to the stage internationally renowned Feng Shui expert Amanda Collins!

On this evening, Paul will interview Amanda on how Feng Shui allows you to harmonise and improve:


Amanda is the founder of the International Feng Shui school which is a certification training program and she will share her best tips and advice to enhance our lives. She has a regular writer with us at Positive Life. You can go here & here to read some of her incredible advice on Love, Life & Feng Shui.

If you would like to book or for more info, please visit here or email us at positivenights@gmail.com

Kinesiology Courses with TASK

Physiotherapist giving knee therapy to a woman

TASK offers one of the most comprehensive Kinesiology courses available. This year they are making their courses accessible in 8 locations around Ireland. They believe everyone should have access to an integrated natural healthcare solution. They are now offering two training courses, Balanced Health and the Diploma Course which forms the full professional practitioner training.

Visit here to learn more about the courses and to sign up!

Golden Egg: Holistic Therapy Courses

Burning incense

Golden Egg Holistic Centre offers the very best courses on different complementary therapies for both practitioner Diploma and Post Graduate training from beginners to the experienced therapist.  Golden Egg Holistic is an ITEC approved training school. ITEC is an international examination board providing high quality internationally recognised education programmes for complementary therapists.

Visit their site for the courses available to start in 2017 and for more information.

Hemp Juice for a Healthier life


Hemp Juice or Cannabidiol (CBD) is native to the human body and is part of the endocannabinoid system. CBD is rich in Omega oils, Potassium, Vitamins B1, A & C  & calcium. The juice has an amazing positive effect on your health from improving digestion, increasing your energy, helping bone maintenance and plenty more.

Check more info and how to buy here.

Delicious Raw Chocolate

Closeup of Cocoa Powder on spoon

Iswari Raw Choco it’s fantastic chocolate! A wonderful gift for the season or to include as that special ingredient in your original recipes for the Xmas celebrations. These bars are incredibly tasty and have the great quality of all Iswari products! The Chocolate, Orange & Quinoa bar sounds perfect for a sweet snack!

Check out for more info & their different kinds of tasty choco bars here

Competition time: Pendulum Summit 2017!



Pendulum 2017 is back! This is the world’s leading business and self-empowerment summit taking place on January 11th – 12th 2017 at the Convention Centre in Dublin. Chicken Soup for the Soul founder, Jack Canfield will be amongst the many speakers this year!

We have two tickets for one lucky winner. To be entered in the draw simply share our next Positive Nights event and let us know by commenting on the event post.

For more info on Pendulum visit here

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