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We Recommend: Protective Computer Glasses by Ambr Eyewear

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Aware of the dangers of blue light, but unsure what to do about it? Ambr Eyewear has the perfect solution. We love their protective computer glasses!

In recent years, the general public has become increasingly aware of the dangers of blue light rays emitted by our computer and phone screens. Blue light is also known as HEV light, or high-energy visible light, with short wavelengths of 400-500 nanometers. Blue light exposure has been linked to poor sleep quality, eye strain and a range of other health problems … but in modern society, with so many of us relying on technology for our livelihood, completely avoiding it is not always a realistic solution.

Ambr Eyewear has the perfect compromise. They offer stylish, functional protective glasses that filter out blue light, reducing its impact on your eyes’ health.

Computer glasses typically have lenses with deep orange tints that alter the wearers’ colour perception. Ambr’s glasses, however, filter out blue light, but look just like regular glasses, with an almost unnoticeable tint. Not only does that make them look great, but those who work with colour will find their work unaltered. Ambr describe their glasses as ‘the perfect blend of fashion and function.’

Their prices are very reasonable too, ranging from €51 to €56. They offer both an adult and kids’ range. The kids’ range prices are €47 and €48.


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