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In our Spring 2020 issue, we interviewed Julia Cannon, daughter of the legendary Dolores Cannon. She discussed a broad range of topics, including how the body speaks, extraterrestrial guidance, QQHT (the healing and regression technique developed by her mother Dolores) and Dolores’ legacy. We previously published a sneak peek of the article to our website, and today, we are publishing it in full. Enjoy!

The Soul’s Voice

We interview Julia Cannon

by Aisling Cronin

Dolores Cannon (1931 – 2014) was a world-renowned hypnosis pioneer and spiritual teacher, whose work has inspired thousands of people to open up to the deeper questions in life. She initially began to explore hypnosis when her husband Johnny became a hypnotist, and went on to write seminal spiritual works such as ‘Between Death and Life’ and ‘Five Lives Remembered’.

Dolores’ daughter, Julia Cannon, continues her work today. We were thrilled to enjoy an exclusive interview with Julia recently. She shared with us how her journey – and that of her parents – first began, the concept that love is our core, the role extraterrestrial guides are playing in Earth’s ascension process, and much more. The full interview is available for your viewing or listening pleasure on YouTube or Soundcloud. Just search for ‘Positive Life Magazine’ on either platform to find us. In the meantime, enjoy these wonderful extracts from our conversation.

It’s great to talk to you, Julia! I was thinking that we could begin with your own story: how things began for your mother and father, and how this then led you to your own spiritual journey.

It began with my father: he was the original hypnotist! My father was in the Navy and we were stationed in the Philippines. He heard about hypnotism there, and was intrigued by it, so he began to learn about that. When he got transferred back to the States, he found that hypnotism was a great way to help other servicemen as they were being sent to various places – especially because, during the 60s, the Vietnam War was happening and there was a lot of anxiety around that. The type of hypnosis he did was just about calming the nerves, helping people to relax … and he was very good at it. My mother’s role was to assist him with that: she used to hold a microphone during sessions! At one point, my father had a female patient sent to him: a military wife who was very obese. Her doctor thought he would try sending her for hypnosis to see whether this could calm her eating disorder.

My parents worked with her for a number of months, she got through her anxiety problems, and after that, she started having fun with hypnosis – just wanting to see what could be done with it. She had read something about reincarnation, and she said, ‘I wonder if this is something we could explore?’ My father sent her back further and further during a hypnosis session – asking her to recall herself at a younger and younger age, until finally he asked her to recall a time from before she was a baby … and all of a sudden, she popped up into a life in Chicago during the Roaring Twenties, when she was a flapper! So that was the start of it all. My parents were very curious people, and my mother was especially passionate about it. She carried on researching hypnotism, looking at various methods, and developing her own technique, the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT). It was a long refining process that took almost forty years! Growing up in that environment, I was inspired to follow spiritual interests too. I trained as a nurse, but at a certain point, the Universe called me to go back and help my mother with her work.

What kind of healing effects have you noticed come about through QHHT?

The QHHT is about contacting that part of ourselves that has all of the information, all of the knowledge …it’s the part of ourselves that knows all we could ever need to know. It even has access to information about our cosmic purpose. Our purpose here is to remember who we are – remember that love is our core, and all we need to is within. The QHHT is one method that helps to facilitate that.

Tell us a bit about the marrying of our Divine and human aspects: how do you see this beginning to develop in people?

The first thing to say is, this is an enormous process that will take time. A lot of people say, ‘when is the shift going to happen? I can’t see anything, I don’t think anything is going on’ … but it’s a very subtle process. It needs to be subtle, so that we can adapt to it. The best way you can see that the global shift has actually happened, or is happening, is if you look back five, ten or twenty years and see how much has changed. Then look again at today – look at our attitude to the Earth, and how we behave, and see if there is a difference. The fact that we’re even trying to take care of our Earth now … a while back, we weren’t even trying to do that!

I believe your mother had a variety of experiences with extraterrestrials. Can you talk a bit about that, and how extraterrestrials are helping Earth to ascend?

She had a number of different experiences, but most of them were very simple – I remember one time, we had unusual lights appear on our wall. We lived right out in the middle of the country, and there are no street lights that could have caused it! Extraterrestrials visit, they check in, they see how we are adapting to our environment … they don’t want to interfere with our daily lives. The Earth is in a huge state of transformation, and humans are often out of sync with it, which makes the process more difficult. So Earth sent out a call for help, bringing waves of volunteers from other planets and other galaxies. My mother has described these waves of volunteers in her writings: how they often have difficulty adapting to life here on Earth, but they have come here to help raise the vibrational frequency of humans, so that the Earth will be more easily able to go through her own process.

We heard you have written your own book, ‘Soul Speak’ – could you tell us more about that?

This book is about how the soul speaks its own language, and it speaks through the body – one example is the way that a knee problem can demonstrate that someone is stuck in a rut, or unable to move on in some way. The book is a translation manual of the body!

You can watch or listen to our full interview with Julia on YouTube or Soundcloud.

To learn more about Julia’s work, go to juliacannon.com.

For more on Dolores Cannon, go to dolorescannon.com.

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