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Cathleen Beerkens is a renowned entrepreneur and Holistic Health Coach, based in the Netherlands. We were excited to speak to her for our Spring 2020 issue, about her coaching initiative, A Wellness Revolution. Read on to learn more!

A Holistic Paradigm

Coaching with vision

by Aisling Cronin

Cathleen Beerkens is a renowned entrepreneur and Holistic Health Coach, based in the Netherlands. I was thrilled to get the chance to speak with her recently. Cathleen’s original purpose in starting her coaching work was to make a lasting difference in people’s lives. In her former role as a nurse, she felt limited in her ability to help people. She said, ‘if you go into hospitals, you will see that the staff do their best, but they don’t have the time to help patients change their everyday habits that contribute to disease – lifestyle factors like diet, exercise, stress management – and neuroscience factors such as thought patterns and emotional wellbeing, which really make the difference.’

Her coaching initiative, A Wellness Revolution, now trains Certified Health and Wellness Coaches to serve in fields as diverse as Hospitals, the Military. Doctors’ clinics, Insurance companies. Some become entrepreneurs. Cathleen is dedicated to creating a new and improved healthcare paradigm by impacting human consciousness to take more personal responsibility for self care. 

The programme offers trainees an in-depth knowledge and understanding of emerging and established scientific disciplines, including Epigenetics, Neuroscience, and Glycoscience. This education enables Health and Wellness Coaches to develop a more holistic approach looking at the body, mind and spirit and focuses on wellbeing at the cellular level.

The quality of the programme has been internationally recognised, winning a spate of recent awards in the U.K. (including Best on-line Health and Wellness Training Coach) and recognition in the US (Top 50 Most Innovative Companies to Watch 2020).  It looks set to go from strength to strength!

To learn more, visit awellnessrevolution.com

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