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Our Spring issue is out now! Our much-valued regular contributor Judith McAdam shared her thoughts on creating positive momentum. – Dive on in!

My Wildcat Years

by Judith McAdam

“There is one thing I know to be true, if you find ways to step through your fears you can do and create anything you want in this life.”

Last year one of the things I decided to do was to create a lover in my life. As I successfully manifested him into this physical reality, this year I asked for more fun, play, joy, travel and an abundance of health and wealth. After all, if I’m going to create my own reality I might as well go for it! Although I already knew ‘what lit me up in my life’, since my lover entered I feel the need to tweak things. Excitement fills my belly and my heart as I write this. Even though I’m afraid of all the changes I am making in my life I’m lit up by them.

So I spent a lot of time in 2020 visualising, meditating, journaling and opening my heart and sacral chakra to welcome this illusive lover into my life. I didn’t just want any lover but the right one…the one that was for my highest good. In January 2021 that lover miraculously appeared. The universe weaved its magical web, joining thoughts, words and deeds, until we as a couple slowly began to emerge. Defying all logic of time and space, pandemics and even the fact that both of us were on two different continents our love affair still managed to unfold.

Then one day a couple of months ago I came home from work feeling a little sorry for myself because my youngest was now in college and I was suffering from ‘empty nest’ syndrome. So I keyed in ‘empty nest’ into YouTube and a lovely American woman began to launch into the subject announcing that ‘these were my Wildcat Years’. I nearly fell off the stool bursting with laughter with this serendipitous declaration because my new lover’s home is actually called Wildcat!

Then and there I stated to myself ‘F•ck it’ these are MY WILDCAT YEARS and instead of sitting feeling sorry for myself I was going to create and enjoy them. Straight away, out came my journal. I had just managed to shift my negative vibration and create a very positive roll. Since then positive momentum has gathered. I have even invited all my clients, my community of wonderful conscious creators to join me virtually on my journey as I actively live my Wildcat Years.

Last summer I gave workshops from Wildcat in America and recently, Mauritius, as my lover and myself live the life of our dreams. There is one thing I know to be true – if you find ways to step through your fears you can do and create anything you want in this life. Please come and join me on my Zoom and live workshops and illuminate your own life and do what lights you up.

With love, Jx

Find out more about Judith and her amazing work here: Judith McAdam

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