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Lorie Ladd Book Tour

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We are so excited to announce that Lorie Ladd will be coming to Ireland to tour her new book in Spring 2023

The Divine Design book launch event is coming to Ireland! Lorie Ladd will be making her long awaited return to Ireland in spring 2023. We recently caught up with Lorie to chat about her new book and now we have the great opportunity to see her in discussion at The Talbot Hotel, Stillorgan on March 16 2023. 

This event is co-hosted with seminars.ie. Tickets are priced at €40 for general and €35 for concession and can be purchased through the Positive Life website. 

Join Lorie Ladd for an evening connecting to the Divine Design of our human experience, and the remembrance of why we are here on this planet during these extraordinary times of awakening and evolution. Lorie will talk about some of the key messages in her book, her amazing journey, and sign books!

The time has come for you to embrace the power of remembrance and express your full potential, and The Divine Design is your faithful companion on this lifelong journey. Whether you’re looking for daily guidance or long-term clarity, each passage will reveal something different every time you read it that serves you exactly where you are in your human evolution.

This book will also enable you to find your life purpose and reclaim your infinite personal power; gain a deeper understanding of life; get unstuck on your spiritual path; navigate challenging times; and accept and love yourself just the way you are.

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About Lorie
Lorie Ladd is an author, spiritual teacher, and thought leader specializing in the evolution of human consciousness. Her teachings and guidance have helped millions of people navigate the current planetary shifts, embody Sovereignty, and remember the divine design held within the human experience.

Lorie found her life purpose at 13, when she simply knew she would assist humanity through the miraculous and divine collective awakening humanity is experiencing now. But it wasn’t until 2015, after leading an almost normal life, which included a MA in Psychology,  teaching hot yoga,  a corporate job, and a fiancée, that she fully committed to her mission. 

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