Summer Sneak Peek: Interview with Author of Angels in My Hair, Lorna Byrne

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Lorna Byrne interview

Lorna Byrne is the author of Angels in My Hair and Love From Heaven , which now includes a seven day programme to increase self-love. Lorna sees angels as clear as you and I see each other and has seen them for as long as she can remember.

Early in our conversation with Lorna, she mentions ‘unemployed angels’, so we have to ask her more about what this means! “Unemployed angels are angels that God has been pouring down onto the earth, I always say in bucketfuls. They’re there to help us with all the everyday, ordinary things. And once you ask for help, you are given it. For people reading this, I would say ask for an unemployed angel to come into your life or a friend’s or to come into the family to give you a hand. Many a time I’d see an unemployed angel giving an elderly person a helping hand and sometimes I would talk to the unemployed angel and ask if the elderly person knows they’re there, and  they’d tell me “Lorna just look at their face” and just then a big smile would appear on their face.”

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