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Godfrey Goes Gluten Free – Little changes with big impacts

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Godfrey Goes Gluten Free


Little changes with big impacts

Working as a pharmacist, I see people present with symptoms that are likely diet-related every day. My ears prick up when people describe big hangovers after little beer – but none with low-gluten whiskey or vodka, or buy Motilium a day after pizza. Having worked in Ireland, mainland Europe and Asia, I’ve seen how diet is key.

The most satisfying part of my job is seeing inspiring people joining the dots and seizing control of their health. Godfrey, an MS sufferer in Gorey, tamed his MS through diet changes. His MS isn’t completely gone, but being aware of how his diet affects him gives him more power over his health and life.

One of the tests used to monitor MS is how well you balance with your eyes closed. Godfrey can not only stand with his eyes shut now, but he’s brimming with energy has even inspired his GP to change her diet.

Peter Conry is a nutritional and exercise oriented pharmacist will be speaking at this year’s Your Health Show at the RDS, Dublin.


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