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Feng Shui with Amanda Collins – De-Clutter for Summer

by Amanda Sophia
declutter tips

Make Space for the New

declutter tips

De-clutter for summer.

By Amanda Collins

Clutter has a way of keeping us stuck in the past and not supporting us in moving forward. We may hold onto things that provide us with a false sense of security instead of trusting that things will come to us as we need them. In fact, the less attached we are to things, the happier we are. Letting go of items you don’t need, use or love, opens you up to new possibilities. You will feel lighter, have more energy and become aware of how these items actually weighed you down.

Amanda Collins

Cherishing Memories

You may be concerned that if you let go of things, you will forget the occasion or the people who gave them to you. The truth is these memories will be forever in your heart. To cherish them, one practice I invite you to do is to create an album or scrap book to hold photos of such items. You can date the photos and write a little note with the story behind it. Then, instead of having an entire garage or house filled with things you don’t need, you’ll have a lovely book to enjoy. After a time, you may even let go of the book. Such a process will unfold step by step.


Just because someone gave you something, does not mean you need to keep it. Perhaps the item was a gift or an inheritance. If you do not need, use or love the item, pass it on.Keep in mind that what is the highest good for one is always for the highest good for another.

‘Just in Case’

If you are keeping things “just in case,” that may represent a feeling of lack in your life. Trust that everything comes to you exactly as you need it and stay light-filled instead of clutter-filled.

Time and Flow

If you have items that are not serving you, let go, and see how everything will flow better in your life. You will have more time to spend with your loved ones instead of spending hours looking for things. You feel more peaceful when your home looks and feels simpler.

Other Spaces

Think also about your wallet; the place where abundance flows in. There needs to be space there as well as in your car’s glove compartment and the boot; these spaces relate to how you journey through life. Your computer desktop and email inbox are one of the forms of communication in the world. Check to see if your phone has contacts that you no longer need?

New Items

Check in with yourself while shopping. Before buying, ask “Do I really need or love this?” Then, every time something new comes in the door, let something old go out.

Schedule time to clear the clutter, make it fun by having friends over to help, play music and enjoy it. You don’t want to be angry while clearing out or you might let go of things you didn’t mean to! Prepare and organise by having bags or boxes ready for recycling, charity, trash, and gifts for others.

Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day, so clutter doesn’t have to be cleared in one. But as you do it, keep asking, “Do I need, use or love it? Am I keeping this for my highest good?” Let these questions become your mantras.

Amanda Collins is the founder and teacher at the International Feng Shui School.



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