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Breathe Into Bliss – The Tantric Route to Full Body Orgasm, By Mick Sawtell

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Breathe Into Bliss


The Tantric Route to Full Body Orgasm

By Mick Sawtell

Heartfelt love-making and deep orgasmic states are gifts within each of us – we all carry an infinite capacity for pleasure and orgasm, but often through difficult experiences in childhood or in our relationships these natural feelings can become repressed and we may feel numb or cut off from them.

In my Tantra massage and healing sessions, creating a safe space, where there is no judgement or pressure is extremely important as clients rediscover their full orgasmic potential and I am often struck by the joy and gratitude expressed as a person experiences a full-body orgasm, often for the first time. It is such a privilege for me to help a person discover this beautiful and rich experience.

In a full body orgasm, not only is physical and emotional stress released but the feelings of love, bliss and compassion that arise bring about a profound sense of fulfilment and a more heartfelt appreciation of life and our partner. The secret lies ultimately in surrender and very deep relaxation and ‘letting go’ as the sexual feelings build up. We can learn how to breathe more deeply and consciously, feeling an internal awareness which fills the whole body .

Surrender to this energy and breathe up into the heart whilst letting go of the urge to climax then continue to ‘let go’ as subtle & exquisite waves of ecstasy wash throughout the whole body. You can cultivate this with your partner too. Imagine the beauty as both partners experience this and then together melt into orgasmic bliss and discover a renewed interest in love-making and each other!



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