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Event 25-27 September: The Divine Alliance of Mind and Heart with Aiyanna Diyamayi,

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Three days of practical workshops that will be held near Hill of Tara, with Aiyanna Diyamayi, Meditation Teacher of the Amartya Tradition.

Meditation Workshop Friday 25th September 10-7pm, €90 Euro, Facebook Event Page

A solid introduction to sacred meditation practices of the 24,000 year old tradition of the Amartya Masters – a solar lineage of Immortal Masters, whose knowledge and techniques have been maintained in their original purity.

The Divine Alliance of Heart & Mind Workshop, Saturday 26 & Sunday 27 September, 10-5pm, €170, Facebook Event Page

In easy to follow steps, Aiyanna will share the intimacies of this luminous process of divining for the truth and healing through the divine unity of mind and heart.

Learn to use the “Qualities of Divine Intention”, living principles that rest at the core of your being, to carry us over a path of learning through listening with our finer intuitive feelings. Learning to tap these qualities can help to resolve limiting past mental patterns, patterns that may be distorting our lives into expressions and experiences that are not natural to our being.

Learn to live the qualities of Divine Intention can lead us to perceive the heavenly scent of that sacred rose, that opens up in our heart, guiding us to our awakening path. An undefended heart means to be without resistance to our higher nature, which is essential to integrate the finer impulses of our true power. This may not sound easy to accomplish, when surrounded by the chaos of modern life, but it is exactly those challenges that we are confronted with on a daily basis that can be used as our means to grow. These qualities can help us find peace, silence and bliss and will give us the means to live rightly, even when confronted with difficult life circumstances. In order to actualize these, we will be guided through a profound ground of supportive knowledge, as well as be shown practical steps, which we can easily practice during any given moment. We will also be given ample time for questions, and personal sharing.

This course aims to provide you with the means to live a divine life from moment to moment in the presence of challenges. It is the ideal compliment to meditations, as the meditations are inward directed and this knowledge is directed more towards daily life. The meditations help us to establish presence and purify our mental and energy systems, as well as our unconscious and the spiritual art of the “Divine Alliance of Mind and Heart” enables us to work with our life-challenges in a healing way. Both together are a powerful and very direct way to free our divine nature.

Seminar fee for Meditation Workshop on Friday and Divine Alliance of Heart and Mind on Saturday/Sunday: €230

Find out more | Bookings for both workshops via aiyanna@sambodha.org.

Limited space but all levels welcome.

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