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Hand-Righting – Learning Vimala’s Alphabet. By Elva Carri

by Elva Carri

Vimala Alphabet Handwriting

Vimala Rodgers loved handwriting from a young age and spent years collecting handwriting. On hearing this is someone’s passion, you may wonder where it could lead – particularly in an age where we are much more frequently found typing or tapping than sitting with a pen and paper.

But Vimala discovered the power an alphabet could have to change our brains. By changing how we write, she says we can begin to uplift our lives.

Vimala and researchers studied this process at Stanford University to record and document the effects. Through neuroplasticity or cortical remapping, something we can do through handwriting, we can improve how we see ourselves, our lives and the solutions and opportunities all around us. Vimala’s ‘t’ is unusually crossed at the very top which feels like a hard one to change, but on being told that Albert Einstein, Abraham Lincoln and Mother Teresa all wrote their ‘ts’ in this way, I’m willing to give it a shot!

When I asked about the effects of typing versus handwriting she explained an important difference. In typing, we’re accessing the reptilian, primitive part of our brain. When we write by hand we’re accessing the prefrontal cortex, the region associated with orchestration of thoughts and actions in accordance with internal goals.

Vimala’s alphabet is available to download free from her website and though she’s very selective in allowing others to teach the practice, we’re lucky to have one of her approved teachers, Beata Januszczak teaching right here in Ireland.

Beata anuszczak: lightness@hush.com | Facebook: Change Mindfully

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