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Tomorrow Night at The Buddha Bag Meeting: Sandy Newbigging

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A Buddha Bag Meeting Special Event, with Sandy Newbigging


Tickets €15 or €10 concession. Facebook Event Page,  8pm, The Lantern Centre, Dublin 8

Bestselling author Sandy C. Newbigging returns to The Buddha Bag Meeting to share his latest material from his brand new book Body Calm.

Body Calm introduces you to a powerful way to meditated that uses the mind-body connection to help your body heal and stay healthy.  It gives your body the rest it needs to recevoer and remain healthy while brining about greater harmony within your heart, mind, body, soul and life circumstances.  Discover:

  • The Body Calm philosophy for being healthier and happier
  • The research that proves meditation is essential for self-healing, staying healthy and even living longer
  • The secret sources of stress and bad health and unhappiness
  • Quick-start cures for reducing stress and increasing serenity and life satisfaction
  • How to calm your mind to let your body rest and recuperate.

With the Body Calm Meditation technique for daily practice and the Embodying Exercise for resolving specific issues, you will leave this talk feeling positive about how you can enjoy a calmer mind and a condition-free body.

You will finally know how to interpret and act upon the many meaningful messages that life has been trying to give you via your physical conditions, emotional issues and challenges circumstances. You will learn life-changing skills that you can use anytime you notice a physical condition developing or are finding life stressful and will find that you can move into a state of ‘living meditation’ whereby you engage every moment in a conscious and calm way. Ultimately giving you the empowered freedom that comes from ‘holistic harmony’.

About Sandy

Sandy C. Newbigging is the no.1 bestselling author of 5 books and creator of the Mind Detox Method and Mind and Body Calm Meditation techniques. Described by Yoga Magazine as ‘one of the best meditation teachers around’, Sandy has been writing a column for Positive Life magazine since 2013. His work as been seen on television internationally and he trains meditation teachers via his Calm Academy. sandynewbigging.com

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