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Mini-Meditations You Can Incorporate Into Your Day

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Route to Calm

mini meditation

The Shortcut to Peace of Mind.

By Sarah McLean

Though the sources of stress can be different for each one of us—financial concerns, family issues, or difficult work environment —many of the effects of stress are common to all: headaches, insomnia, indigestion, chronic pain, anxiety, depression. Here are three easy ways to prevent stress from overshadowing your day:

1. Take a Time Out for a Time In

Sit in silent meditation at least ten minutes a day. Close your eyes and bring your attention to the sensation of breathing naturally through your nose. If you get distracted, simply refocus again. And again. Don’t wait for something magical to happen, simply keep at it. Unplugging like this will help you create a new, relaxed way of being.

2. Slow it Down

When you notice you’re rushing through daily activities, stop and ask yourself, “Why am I rushing?” Rushing engages the body’s fight or flight response which can cause inflammation and stress. So, whether you’re driving, walking, reading, eating, or brushing your teeth, slow down deliberately. Being more mindful will help you savour this life of yours.

3. Relax and Reconnect

For a few minutes each day scan your body and relax on purpose. Relax your scalp, your forehead, your eyes, your jaw. Relax your hands and belly. Feel your feet on the floor. Do this a few times each day, let being relaxed be your new normal. Don’t let your life be hijacked by stress. Take a time out to enjoy the good stuff around you. You’re worth it.

Hay House Author Sarah McLean leads meditation retreats and teacher training programs in Co. Cork. McLeanMeditation.com

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