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Spring Issue 2016: The Beauty of Grace

by Mary Berkery

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By Mary Berkery

Understanding Grace
Consider the word grace, what does it mean and does it have any relevance in your life? In the dictionary, grace can be defined as a seemingly effortless beauty or charm of movement and form, a pleasing characteristic of refinement, a sense of propriety and a disposition to be generous, helpful, and to have goodwill.

In Greek mythology, Aglaia, Euphrosyne and Thalia, daughters of Zeus, were known as The Three Graces. The sister goddesses represented qualities of charm, beauty, and joy, beautifully expressed in Antonio Canova’s neoclassical, marble statue. They were said to bestow the world with goodwill, beauty, kindness and precious moments. From a theological aspect, grace refers to being freely given unmerited favour and blessings. Grace is also the influence of a spiritual dimension operating in humans to regenerate or strengthen them. Being in a state of grace is being in a condition of high consciousness and loving-kindness.

Developing Your Personal Grace
Grace has many levels of meaning for me. My life has been graced with wonderful encounters and events. I think of times when I operated in a graceful way in my dealings with others, being thoughtful in my words and responses. I consider how I dress with care and move physically with ease and confidence. Who in your life would you consider to be graceful and where or how do you wish to embody it in your life? For some it may refer to poise and elegance, for others it could mean generosity, goodwill and blessings. Here are some areas you can bring in more grace, and ways that might help you to do so.

Grace in Thought
» Consciously take attention away from
self-criticism or judgments of ourselves
and others.
» Embody thoughts of beauty, goodwill and
» Instead of reacting immediately in a
tense or challenging situation, prioritise
elegance in thought, as opposed to speed
in reaction. Give yourself a moment to find
grace in your thoughts, and allow this
quality to inform your words or actions.

Grace in Actions
»Trust that life will bring you through
difficult situations.
»Allow yourself time to soften into
transitions and changes in life.
»Can you bring qualities of joy, beauty,
charm and generosity into your actions?
Choose a quality related to grace and see if
you can bring it into your day to day life.

Grace in Body
» Develop awareness of your body as a
beautiful temple.
» Care for it with deep respect, nutrition and
alignment exercises.
» Choose quality clothing to enhance your
form and beauty.


Mary Berkery lives in the west of Ireland and works as a Life and Wellness Coach and an equine assisted Personal Development Coach. her background is in beauty and wellness education.

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