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Dr. Joe Dispenza: Mind Over Matter

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By Orla Bass

Dr. Joe Dispenza is a Supernatural Genius. He believes we all are. According to him we are all
Divine Creators; our thoughts and feelings creating our destiny and we all hold the power within to
change our minds therefore change our lives.

A neuroscientist who healed himself of broken vertebrae’s and severe spinal injuries through
thought alone, Dr. Dispenza personally knows that “the power that makes the body, heals the
body”. Through visualisation and rewiring his brain he regained full mobility and today he travels
the world educating people how they too can re-wire their brains and recondition their bodies to
create profound change. I had the privilege of attending his Progressive Workshop at the RDS
which had a deep impact on me. Drawing from quantum physics, epigenetic’s, biology and
neuroplasticity he explains the science behind the laws of the universe, mindfulness, energy and
our roles as creators within the cosmos. Through powerful meditations we began altering our
beliefs and attitudes on a subconscious level, this level which drives 95% of our behaviours,
emotions, actions and the stories we tell ourselves about our past.

He believes we can signal our genes to rewrite our future, healing ourselves of diseases something
he has witnessed countless times by people who have attended his workshops. According to him
life is about managing your energy and “where you place your attention is where you place your
energy”. Every time we have a thought a biochemical reaction is created within the brain, this
produces chemicals and feelings within the body which in turn responds on a molecular level.
We mainly operate on automatic pilot, living within our comfort zones, “the known” and it is only by
observing and altering our thoughts, feelings and behaviours can we evolve and avoid replicating
the same experiences in life. To become supernatural you have to do what doesn’t feel natural.
The big reminder for me from his workshop is to belong to the future rather than the past, focus
your thoughts and energy on creating the life you want, feel like you already have it, give thanks
but most of all live and lead with an open heart.



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