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Concert Review: Snatam Kaur Opens Hearts in Lisbon

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Concert Review: Snatam Kaur Opens Hearts in Lisbon

Snatam Kaur’s beautiful devotional music has been widely praised by spiritual seekers all over the world. You can learn more about her by visiting her website, snatamkaur.com. In this review of one of Snatam’s spellbinding concerts in Lisbon, Tatiana Kovalenko says it was “an empowering and enlightening experience” that helped her to grow in love and connect more fully with God.

Concert Review: Snatam Kaur Opens Hearts in Lisbon

by Tatiana Kovalenko

If you want to be reminded of the love, joy and happiness that you are – to feel the wonder of being connected with others – go to Snatam Kaur’s concert this year. Snatam is touring around Europe performing songs from her new album, Beloved, as well as her old most popular spiritual “hits”, bringing us back to our essential Self and the Beloved within each of us.

It was not really a concert in a traditional sense, but an empowering and enlightening experience. Snatam has been learning and singing kirtans since her childhood in the Sikh temples in India. With the very first song, she beautifully guided everyone to open their hearts in singing. The high frequencies of the sound of mantras provide the space for God to manifest. When you are chanting God’s name and affirming your will to connect with Him, your relationship with God will be established and He will begin to show Himself.

My favourite mantra from the new album was the one invoking Narayana, who lives in the realm of the unknown, where the miracles arise. This is a place we usually have difficulties relating to in our ordinary life. By repeating this mantra, we recognise and learn to be comfortable with the unknown.

As the evening progressed, Snatam very lightly introduced us to a simple breathing exercise from the Kundalini tradition. Once the energies had been stirred up, we were ready to enjoy spontaneous movements coming from our bodies and sincere chants flowing from our hearts – we were “one nation, one heart and one love”. This taught us that we all need to dissolve ourselves in love towards the Beloved and love towards each other for the manifestation of God in our lives to be fully established.

To learn more about Snatam Kaur’s music and to view upcoming concert dates, go to her website, snatamkaur.com.

Image Credit: Grayson Teg Gian of @agracefulson. Instagram – Facebook – Website

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