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‘Becoming Quantum’ – Sonic Activation of the Spiritual Self

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Gabriela Gómez spent many years mastering the fundamentals of music as a professional singer of baroque music, choir director and composer. She now offers profound workshops aimed at harnessing the unique power of sound to help people on their spiritual awakening journeys. We wrote about her in our Spring 2020 issue – read on to learn more.

‘Becoming Quantum’

Sonic activation of the spiritual self

by Alison Mc Evoy

Most of us already know the power of music to ‘move’ us’. Music, at its best, transports us, moulds and shapes our mood, uplifts and awakens our emotions. Gabriela Gomez began her music career as a musician and baroque singer. Throughout the process of deepening her expertise and experience, a completely unexpected thing happened – she discovered the energetic and spiritual power of sound. Music initiated in Gabriela an inner process of awakening which totally changed her life:

“Music opened a door in me to the subtle world, and to my multidimensional, higher self. It made me discover who I am and my potential. It gave me more confidence and security. It gave me clarity on how to use my gifts in service to others.”

Gabriela now uses music itself in service of others. She has crafted a number of workshops aimed at helping people to awaken spiritually, or, as she puts it “to become conscious of who we are in reality.” Human beings have truly infinite potential and each of us have a specific purpose. Spiritual awakening guides us towards that purpose and thereby unfolds our potential, our passion, our true way of being in the world – the most valuable of discoveries in this life.

It is twenty years since Gabriela began to guide workshops aimed at enabling others to receive the energetic and spiritual gifts of sound. She now offers beautiful, professional training where participants learn to apply her technique: Pineal Gland Activation by Sound, through a three stage process of pineal opening, pineal activation and pineal calibration.

The pineal gland – “a biological-spiritual device” – is at the centre of her approach, as it is a portal to the multidimensional world. It is the doorway through which we access our quantum self.

“When the pineal gland takes over, it connects us with our Essence, with our highest multidimensional level and even with potentials that NEVER came into existence but which are waiting to be materialized: Peace on earth….These glands contain crystallized light particles, which settled in the brain cavity. Each one represents high dimensional elements, which have remained inactive. To activate the Pineal Circuit will change the idea of who we are since we now know that our brain is made of extra- sensorial tools, which convert us into inter- dimensional antennas.”

This kind of activation is hugely empowering, says Gabriela, as it allows people to look to themselves for guidance, answers and wisdom. She is here to allow music be a channel to transport others through the doorway, the portal, and on to the other side, where human beings live according to their highest nature, rather than living a life guided by the brain or ego. It is the spiritual journey, with music as the ‘way’;

“If you have come to me, it is most probably because your soul is showing you the path of music as an important door to your evolution. I hope to have the joy to sing with you and bring a small contribution to your path.”


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