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One of our favourite sections of the magazine is Positive Vibes, as it gives us an opportunity to speak to many established and emerging names whose work we admire in the holistic world. Today, we are sharing Autumn Vibes, from our recently-released Autumn 2020 issue. Read on to learn about the companies, events and news we’re loving this season!

“Autumn – the leaves are all falling, and they’re falling like they’re falling in love with the ground.” – Andrea Gibson

Autumn Flavours

Soak Up the Sun

The sunshine cafe is home to a feast of Mediterranean foods from pizzas and pastas, to salads and sandwiches. We love the garden in this place, and they are getting it all cosied up for some outdoor eating this autumn.


Get Your Gourmet On

Heard of the gourmet pantry in Dun Laoghaire yet? We love this place – the best organic veggies you can get and a super range of products like local honey, artisan cheese and you can even buy a bonsai! Plus we hear they have a new website.


Super Food

Superfoodies believe in the power of nature, particularly, of mushrooms. Check out their 100% organic synergy of chaga mushroom and Colombian coffee, with rich tasting undertones of fruit, herbs, citrus and lemon, to warm your bones against the autumn chill.


Autumn Brew

Tea was used as medicine long before it was a thing to be shared over a natter. Full of vitamins, minerals and polyphenols which help lower cholesterol, find time out this Autumn for a brew from the House of Tea. Let your taste-buds have a tingle with their amazing selection of flower, herbal, fruit, mate, green teas and more.


Autumn Wellness

The Art of Supplements

Epigenetics knows what it’s at – its state of the art facilities produce innovative, pure, organic supplements with nothing added to fill, bind or blend. Try their range of simply engenious B12 supplements – a must for our vegan readers!


Keep the Glow

Ayurvedically inspired, divinely smelling, Fushi’s award-winning, organic products are a must-have in your beauty drawer. Fushi, meaning ‘eternal life’ will keep your hair, face and body glowing this autumn.


Potent Vitamin C

For cutting edge vitamin C check out Altrient C, a multi-award winning vitamin supplement that will benefit both your health and beauty. It’s super absorbent, highly potent and knows its way around the body to get to where it needs to go.


Supplement your RnR

Ever heard of the “happy vitamin”? Pantac is Educohealth’s vitamin B5, natural stress-reliever. When your adrenals are exhausted, and can’t keep you running on empty any more, its vitamins B to the rescue. And rest please!


Nature’s medicine

Alta cbd provides quality cbd products to “elevate your health”. On offer are all things cbd including a skin salve, massage oil, drops, a spray and, our favourite, the muscle mend balm – a wonderful ease for tired, aching muscles.


Autumn tonic for your skin

Bolster your skin against the autumn winds with a treat of cold-pressed amaranth oil. Preventing dryness, fighting acne and improving skin elasticity are just some of the super powers of the tiny amaranth seed.


Browse for the best

Have we ever told you that we love you, Down to Earth? What a selection, what a range, what a vibe! These shelves are always full of the best you can find in organic, biodynamic and eco-friendly products.


Elevate your Autumn

Stay Positive

Keep yourself looking up this winter with our specially-for-you Positive Club – a members only Facebook club giving you exclusive previews, podcasts, powerful quotes, streamed Positive Nights access, holistic workshops and yoga classes from our team of experts. Invest in you!


Cosy nights ‘in’

Buckle your belt for the grand arrival of Thrive II. Get the inside track on new paradigms of science; unveiling insights and resources we need to help make the world a better place. What’s more, cosy up with us on Zoom with filmmakers, Foster and Kimberly Gamble, on October 8th.


Animal Talk

Empower your animals to move through trauma, aggression, phobias and any challenging behaviours with animal communicator, Lisa Tully. You can learn with Lisa or simply call upon her gift of intuiting your animal’s needs and help bring them back to balance.


The road to wellness

A Wellness Revolution is now an approved Health and Wellness Coach Training & Education Program, by the National Board of Health and Wellness Coaching. Join the mission, change your life and become professionally certified through their fabulous 6 month course.


Nature’s protection

PPC Galway is on it when it comes to your immunity. Think high quality, natural immune supports like elderberry, olive leaf and vitamin C. Try zerocho and their amazing Eskimo fish oils.


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