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Our Autumn Issue Has Landed

by Admin

We have some exciting news to share: our Autumn issue is out and will be coming to a stockist near you this weekend. We have many treats lined up for you in this issue…

? Our cover star is Dr Joe Dispenza, who had much to share about the activation of human potential. He spoke to us about the transformative possibilities we are all able to access, as more and more of us break the “four-minute mile” of consciousness.

? Other highlights include an interview with Lee Carroll – channeller of Kryon – and an in-depth exploration of the Sri Yantra by our Tantric expert Dawn Cartwright. Anna Cole had heart-warming advice for new parents and Hans Wieland offered some sage advice on seed saving.

? The Happy Pear were on hand as usual, providing us with scrumptious meal ideas.

? We were given the full scoop on the value of gluten-free alternatives, courtesy of our friends at CNM College of Naturopathic Medicine Ireland.

? The always-amazing Cornucopia Dublin spoke with us about their innovative new menu, and how they are adapting to current circumstances.

?Many other leading lights in the health and holistic world have been featured in this latest issue, too: Aloha House, Solaris Tea, BEMER Group Europe and An Tobar Retreat Centre, to name a few.

? We also enjoyed a conversation with Linda and Geoffrey Hoppe, founders of the Crimson Circle. Geoffrey channels Adamus, an aspect of Saint Germain, so we were thrilled to learn more about that.

To get your hands on a copy, check out the stockists list here, or subscribe here to receive a copy direct to your door.

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