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Positively Newsworthy: The Little Things – Winter 2020/21 Edition

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Positively Newsworthy: The Little Things is a section of our magazine in which our editors share heartwarming reflections on moments that have inspired them.

See Yourself

by Aisling Cronin

Drop your burdens
And let dawning light caress your face.

You hold a vision that is yet
Unsteady on its feet
Amidst rushing lines of traffic
The clicks and taps
Of impassioned argument
And shouts that melt
Into roaring cacophony.

You stand on the edge of
A bridge unbuilt
But even so…

Let it rise.

Inhale a fresh breeze
And see yourself
Through the eyes of a friend
Who has beheld your truth.

Remember your mischief:
The gleam of mirth in your eyes
The bright easy laughter
The flick of your wrist
That sent magic
On its spiralling dance
Through the ethers.

Remember your loving heart.

Drop your burdens
And watch love unfurl
(fragile, yet hopeful)
Like a flower
Kissed by morning dew.

Hugs n’ Kisses

Fathers of the Future

by Alison McEvoy

As an inborn idealist, the ideas drawer in my mind is full of the ways and means that go with all kinds of words. When it comes to the concept of Fatherhood, I had crystal clear ideas. Some were borne of experience and many more of hope; hope for my generation of men (one of whom is now father to my son) and of the generation to come (one of whom is my own son).

The Father I would stand next to as Mother would be an active presence, emotionally attuned to his family. A man balanced enough in his feminine aspect to value, and extend to his family the benefit of, his own innate softness, intuitiveness and loving kindness. On the other hand, a protective presence, unafraid to send the world – and anything or anyone in it – running, who would do harm to his family.

When I saw my son and his father in action, however, I saw an attunement and a tenderness the likes of which I could not have imagined: hugs, kisses, impromptu massages, songs and games, a clear knowing of when his son is tired, hungry, frustrated, wants “something cosy” and even what kind of food he wants.

I could not have imagined it better. My ideas drawer was simply too small and unequipped to develop an accurate blueprint for the largeness of this real life father and son.

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