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Community Power: Electricity Supplier With a Difference

by Aisling Cronin

We absolutely love profiling companies and groups who are playing their part to make a difference in the world … and one group we were thrilled to learn about while compiling our Winter 2020/21 issue was Community Power. This community-owned electricity supply collective could be a true gamechanger in the industry. We spoke to Sarah Fogarty to learn more!

Empowering Communities

An electricity supplier with a difference

by Aisling Cronin

Our societal journey towards sovereignty and self-determination has guided many of us to explore how we can become more self-sufficient. On a practical level, one very powerful step we can take is to re-evaluate the energy supply systems that power our homes and communities.

We were very excited by the potential solutions proposed by Sarah Fogarty of Community Power: Ireland’s first community owned electricity supplier. This trailblazing collective is a partnership of community owned energy organisations around Ireland, working to create a sustainable energy future for their local areas. Associated groups and communities include Friends of the Earth and the Aran Islands.

Sarah explains, ‘We help people and their communities to manifest renewable energy into a sustainable economy. Those involved are working on generating renewable community projects and helping communities through that transition.’

Community Power began just outside the small town of Templederry in Co. Tipperary, with Ireland’s first and only community owned wind farm. Now, Community Power is formed by a partnership of community energy groups from Tipperary, Limerick, Galway, Mayo and Dublin. They are actively working to support more renewable energy projects across Ireland.

Sarah says, ‘We support community energy groups and citizens to develop and own their own renewable energy generation, such as solar farms, wind turbines, or hydro turbines. They can then sell the power that is generated back to themselves, their neighbours, businesses and community facilities in their wider community through the Community Utility. We are supporting people and communities to get their power from themselves.’

To learn more about this amazing group, and how you can switch your home and business electricity, go to:


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